Photo 52, 2020 Challenge, Week Number 48: Food!

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FOOD!!! What an awesome theme... I love food... Yum yum yum... Ngom ngom ngom... Hahaha... I guess if you drop by any Malaysian Hivers' page, you will definitely find some posts that is food related...

I captured this photo at Ikea Restaurant. From left, we have broccoli, the middle one is ribs... Those ribs look yummilicious... I must try them one day... 😅 I have never had the ribs before... But they look super tempting. The right side is the famous Ikea meatball... Love the meatballs and the gravy... Yummilicious...

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Every time I come home, I always make it a point to visit Ikea.
Got to enjoy the Swedish Meatballs at least once.
It's a must visit place on my list

The chicken wings are awesome too... And both @khimgoh and @joannewong can't have enough of the chicken wings 😂😂😂

Their entire menu is excellent. Don't know what magic spice they use. It's the same great taste everytime I go there

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