Spring pics at the lake in February...😊

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Here are today some images taken during our first bike ride of the season last Saturday, February 20, 2021




photos that could suggest that we are much further along in the season, if it were not for the still bare trees that we see in some photos ....



It was very mild that day, and this is also the reason that prompted us to prepare our little picnic and get on our bicycles, in order to get to the lake and take advantage of this wonderful day heralding the spring wonders ....




I didn't want to go too far by bike because I was coming out of a sprained ankle and didn't want to ride too many kilometers, so we chose this destination that I really like and which allowed me to do only 15 km (round trip, it's not much) while enjoying this first bike ride.


We therefore settled on the pontoon of the pier of St Jorioz, on the shores of Lake Annecy, France,


[//]:# (!pinmapple 45.843140 lat 6.174895 long d3scr)


and we were not the only ones to have had this idea since some had even decided to bathe, despite the very low temperature of the water.

The two you see in swimsuits on the pontoon below weren't just sunbathing but actually bathed in the winter water of the mountain lake ... 😁




That's it Lovelies, I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


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Thanks for the curation @qurator ! πŸ˜‰

I love the scenes here!
And I can almost breathe in the cool fresh Spring air... :) And nooooo, I wouldn't get into that water, especially when I can even see snow on those mountain tops!! A great weekend to you, my friend! :)

I would not either my friend ! I don't even go in summer...LoL...
bee_thankful.png for your comment and the curation too ! 😊

You're very welcome!! πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜πŸ’•

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Thank you much @ecency ! 😊

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Thanks a lot @livingUKTaiwan ! 😊

I'm so glad your ankle has healed up enough to get out on your bike and enjoy the beauty of the coming of spring at your glorious lake! I can almost smell the fresh air!
Ecency POINTS tip

Fortunately the bike riding is not a problem at all for my ankle, I just have to be careful from now at the way I sometime move my mind faster than my body, so that I do not twist it again...LoL
Thank you much for the comment and the points tip my dear !

So happy to be reading another post of yours. Just enjoying the view and the pictures which makes me feel like I was actually in the place. Glad you can go on a picnic too. It's still difficult for us here because of lockdown restrictions. I'm just so eager to go on one. Since last year.

Ooh, I wish you can soon go on a picnic, this is indeed a so simple thing that we miss if we can not do it ! In France the restaurants are closed for months and the only way we have to have a meal somewhere else than in our appartment is to go in nature and enjoy a sandwich....LoL...but truth, this is soooo good 😊
Thanks for your comment my friend and have a wonderful week !


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What a beautiful ride you had! Having a sprained ankle is no fun at all! I had my very first one in November! Not to be a baby, but, it really hurt and was annoying!

I am glad you got out and got some fresh air and your eyes refreshed with the landscape! Thank you for sharing the beauty and I love love. love your edits! Have a wonderful weekend! Stay safe!

Bisous! Bisous!

Ooh...it was also my very first sprained ankle ! 😁 Is it due to the fact I'm sport reluctant, well probably, but it's cool to come to our advanced age without knowing what it is, isn't it ? πŸ˜„ Mine was not very painful, by luck
let's celebrated our Happy first sprained ankle with a !BEER my Denise ! 🍻



Good reason to celebrate!!

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Thank you @pinmapple 😊

So beautiful place! It seems to be the perfect place for relaxing moments ^_^

How true my dear ! 😊
How is the weather in Italy ? it seems like we are done with the cold here, but it could come back anytime ! after all, we are only in February 😁

Very and really beautiful

Thank you ! πŸ™‚

It is beautiful and serene, and yes it does look as spring is just around the corner for you.

I'm eager for even more spring, trees are too bare for now, but it slowly coming indeed πŸ˜‰
Thanks for your comment @pinkdragonfly and dragon_heart_joyful_day.png

You had a wonderful walk, the lake looks very clean and calm. Good photos

It was indeed invigorating πŸ˜‰ crocodile.png for your appreciation @cryptoxicate 😊

Incredible photos and beautiful place, I have been infected with the beauty of the sea and I need beach days. 🌞✨

Thank you @marysc πŸ˜‰

Those photos are beautiful. The white capped mountains in the background and the mist on the water, amazing. Hows the temperature of the water? Are there any swimmers this time of year?

The water is quite cold but I don't know the temp, maybe a good 8°C..? 😁
there are swimmers all year long here, yet not a lot in winter, but still, the winter swimming is very appreciated here by some πŸ˜‰
Thank you and have a cheerfulday.png @leaky20

It's beautiful😍

Thanks ! πŸ™‚

I always admire your photos of the lake. It is so beautiful, especially with the sun reflection.

bunny.png @nelinoeva πŸ˜‰

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the scenery is very beautiful and very interesting, and very fresh kalaw can not swim, nature is wide and loose

Beautiful setting.. lake water so clean looking..😊

Foto-fotonya luar biasa

Thank you πŸ™‚

Dear @barbara-orenya
That's a provocative place to be, it certainly is. Very nice pictures. Sorry about your sprain, hope it can heal fast. Thanks for sharing this beautiful natural space with us through these nice pictures.
Yours, Piotr