Curiosity of the cats

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With the camera on the ground

L'inquadratura dal basso [EN/ITA]

Pets fearlessly approach even strangers who have lie down on the ground.

Gli animali domestici si avvicinano senza paura anche agli estranei che si sono sdraiati per terra.

The theme is “From the Ground!”
My proposal for the @photo52 contest by @wwwiebe
Text and photos by @adinapoli (s)

z Kittens Gattini.jpg

Curious kittens / Gattini curiosi (ph. a.d.n.)

Testo e fotografie di @adinapoli (s) per al concorso n.34 di @photo52
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That's great! It's the best way to photograph pets, and they're even looking straight into the lens!