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RE: A litte Tech House from the studio to you! <3

in Musiclast year

Ah man, the video is unavailable, damn YouTube! But it sounds like a cool set up and good deal with the beer and brewery!


It doesn't work in peakd on Brave for me, but does work. This is a general issue with videos.

Ohhhhhh, that's exactly what I use both on PC and mobile and never been able to view videos this way, thought YouTube was playing silly buggers!

Some Youtube videos do work, but often not the music ones. Otherwise I like the combination of browser and dapp.

I was trying to watch a BBC video from YouTube via PeakD and it was of Peaky Blinders, said the video is not available in my country! I live like 20 miles away from BBC Studios London 🤣

Maybe the browser uses a proxy or obscures your location that makes it look like you are elsewhere. I really don't know, but I expect someone on Hive would.