It Wasn't Me: I state "Thumbs Up" | Skee Mask in da House 😍

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Having Ecency App on my laptop for years (previously known as eSteem Surfer), it is today that I'm using this App to write (and publish) a post. As far as I remember, years ago when trying the first version, I was not too pleased regarding performance, and maybe also features. One thing I know for sure: I never really used this App.

A reason why I downloaded the initial version of this App back in the days, was the ability to write offline, and the ability to post an article at some point in time in the future. The former is possible for sure. The later, not to sure, I'll figure out when publishing this one. Will let you know 😎

Note: the smartphone edition I also have for quite some time. I use that one more often to read. Not too much to write. Sometimes to react in form of a comment.

That said, I'm not too worried anymore about the time of posting, so I guess the ability to post an article sometime in the future, is not that relevant for me anymore. However, I can imagine others may like such feature. For instance when running and managing challenges and competitions. Or planning some marketing campaigns involving multiple posts in sequence. Others may like to continue posting while they are offline for some time, eg to enjoy a great vacation.

Wondering why someone would like to continue posting while being offline. Somehow this comes across as maximising income rather than being part of a digital community that essentially involves interaction. How can one interact when one is offline?

While writing this article, more and more questions popup: If and how features we all know from the,, and user interfaces are implemented in the laptop version of the Ecency App. When preparing the publication of this one, I'll for sure get answers to some of them. Other questions I'll try and sort out later today (or week). Possibly, I'll dedicate a post to what I like and what features shall be enhanced or need to be added to make my HIVE chain life perfect!

I know I miss a feature BIG time already: Spell Check.

English is not my native language, hence I make use of (auto) spell check and when possible, grammar check, all the time. External services do exist which can do this job for us, but I rarely use those. It's simple enough not user friendly when having to copy/paste the text to some other service; Do the check; Alter the text; Copy it back. Especially not when writing with Markdown or HTML code, as we do when using the HIVE chain to publish our articles.

Anyways, my original plan for this post was not to write about Ecency, but about a discovery I made on the musical front.

Skee Mask

Currently am listening to a very interesting album. After the first round this morning, I told my Spotify to start playing the album again. That tells me something! Apparently, I like what I'm hearing. Not sure how I came to the artist: Skee Mask. Could be through @cubapl or @iamevilradio, both posted about this young electronic producer from Münich before. For those interested: Cubapl post here; IamEvilRadio post here. Maybe it was someone outside our HIVE community who pointed me towards this guy. I only know, I had a marker in my Spotify for some time and today only, I took the time to listen to his second and latest album: Compro.

it wasn't me! this is the official profile pic of Skee Mask on Facebook 😂 (source)

Interested what the music journalists had to tell, I read the review done by the Pitchfork team and I heard myself say out loud: "Sure, that's it! That's why I like this album!"

Pitchfork wrote:

For a young talent like Munich producer Bryan Müller (aka Skee Mask), a challenge emerged: how to engage with the beloved, vast ’90s dance canon of hardcore music, Amen breaks, and ambient techno, without resorting to facile nostalgia.


The best Skee Mask songs do exactly this; they don’t sound quite like anything else. Müller’s use of both analog and digital tools creates a raw hybrid energy. Throughout his latest album Compro, drums land with a spongy bounce, while pads exude rich notes of fungal modular squelch. The combination lends much of the album an organic texture that, in the vein of classic Aphex Twin records, hints at technology from an ancient future—one born of a great cataclysm of the past.

I usually have difficulties to pinpoint what it is that attracts me, can't find the words to express why I like this and why I don't like that. But I do know, most of the time, I'm drawn to music that is somewhat out of the ordinary. Hence that single sentence by Pitchfork "they don’t sound quite like anything else", is likely what makes me like this album!

Somehow a mixture of drum&bass and ambient influences. Certainly some - to me - unusual sounds. From what I do know already, a perfect album to listen to while working, eg while writing an article. I can imagine the album also does well when doing nothing other than listening to the music and/or being in a kind of dream state. Though I need to test that yet. Let me know your thoughts; If any 😉



Compro was a very well reviewed album, seen as a tribute for 3 decades of finest British Electronique Music. Good reminder. Worth to mention here is the first project of Bryan Müller called SCNTST. Between 2011 and 2018 he selfreleased 3EPs and released 7EPs and 3 LPs on well known Berlin based label Boysnoize. Properly varied material, especially last LP called Scenes And Sketches From The Lab

Owww Owww, you know this guy well! Noticed some of it on Discogs, my kinda goto service to learn about discography of an artist. Not everything is listed over there, but a lot! Listening to music the whole day already.

Since yesterday discovered I can control my Spotify on my media computer which is connected to my HIFI system, through the Spotify client on my laptop. Didn't know this! Since I work in another room (on the same floor as my living room and HIFI), I had to listen music through my crappy laptop speakers with the result I didnt listen to music when I'm working. A new world just opened for me hahahaha

Its hard for a good hifi during travels but important to have a good headphones ;)

enjoy a new discovery then !

In last two years I was looking for some help with ringing ears and nobody could really do anything. My friend told me about some pills but I am not sure if I want to fight with it pharmacologically.

Studies are executed with all sort of entertainment drugs, from MDMA to Ketamine with apparently some positive results. Hypnosis is also tested. I think Flare, the kinda new kid on the block for earplugs, mentioned at one stage, they like to create earplugs with the ability to cancel ringing ears. For those with a specific frequency, this can be done by creating the same frequency but 180 degrees shifted signal; Technology developed already a few decades ago for use in propeller airplanes to reduce the propeller sounds.

Headphones is good alternative indeed, but I dont want to wear headphones at home at all. Already have ringing ears and dont want to make it worse :)

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I may have posted about Skee Mask about a year ago after a particularly fun party where one of his tracks blew my mind. Love his music.

Cool you also had a 'particular fun party', am so much wanting to have one for the last 8 months, but miss covid is not letting me... or better said, the government. Yea, the post is this one I suppose?

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Owww is it? Seem to need to install a new version every other week lately :)

We are continuously developing, improving and adding new features... 😊

I do understand and will upgrade. Why not notifying in the Ecency App?

It should notify within app... I see that you are using latest version 3.0.9, message was wrong perhaps because initial post was month ago with older version and you likely edited that post and comment thought it is new post, sorry about that. We will have to improve that detection.

I still suggest to notif users inApp. All these comments are just poluting the blockchain, unnecesarily. Also it can drive the idea of artificially increase blockchain usage; An argument used by many who shit on Steem, TRON and more of those chains.

Agree, we will work on improving this. This was initially done to migrate people from older version of Esteem which was still using Steem.