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RE: XYZ and that was it | #AlphabetHunt for the letters X, Y and Z

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We are at the end of the hunt and you made a grand finish. Hannes. We had two the same, yellow and young.

Your yellow flower is beautiful . Great looking statue of the Zlatorog or Goldhorn and the views in the Zadnjica Valley.

I thought of x-ray but didn’t have a photo. Amazing one of your arthritic fingers. I hope it’s not painful.

All great choices dear Hannes. I enjoyed them all.



Please use to send tips - because of HF24 tipU can not reliably send tips :(

Sometimes the fingers hurt, but luckily not always 😁

Good morning Jo,

it's raining here, but the sun should come in the afternoon and we will have a nice weekend, says the weather lady, but she was wrong this morning when she said it is dry while it was raining - I'm about 1 kilometer away from the radio station 🤣 lol

Thank you kindly for your nice words, dear Jo, this was the last hunt for a while I believe, but I am sure there will be another challenge soon.

Wish you a wonderful weekend 🤗🔆

Cheers and !BEER

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