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RE: XYZ and that was it | #AlphabetHunt for the letters X, Y and Z

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Another great hunt @johannpiber!! I love every one! The yachts look beautiful on the water and the waterfall even though it is smaller, is still quite breathtaking! I'm done mine but not posted yet and we almost had two of the same but I X'd out my X in the blue sky for another selection. I bet you can guess the one that we will have the same on?! 🤔😁💕


Haha, yes, I think I know which X you mean - so, if there's no image with a white X in the sky in your post I will know it for sure 😁

Thank you so much that you like my words and photos, @deerjay, wish you a wonderful Sunday 🤗🔆

Cheers and !BEER

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