Life as we 'know' it

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There are sights and sounds that you will never see or hear
if you are not 'into' looking at what life has to offer
Every day, a life is born
new steps and new tasks
The ecosystem still works
and coexists like before
insects and birds
animals and birds
Nature is a healer
only the human does not care to know it all
Life as we know it now
is filled with TikTok, youtube, and gossips too
celebrities having yet another affair
and the rich making another deal
is that what we spend time on?
Learn to lie down on the grass
and look up at the stars at night
we shall realize how small we are
and forget to fight with our egos might


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Great thoughts and writings, I agree with you life and nature are gifts.
I hope you are going well? I wish you a nice Sunday, big hugs.

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