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Let me begin with my own story, rewind back to 2014 and I haven't been on an aircraft before as one of the fastest means of transportations, the flying vehicle invented by the Wright Brothers; Orville and Wilbur. I mean i have touched them but not be in transit with one yet at that time, then I started working with a software company on the Island in my city. The job happens to take me around a lot as a remote support specialist, meaning anywhere my company has clients in the country, I have to go there when they have issues.

Between 2015 and 2016 i have flew over 20times both tiny planes and larger ones, the ones that winds would blow away in transit and a one hour flight would become three hours or more, or the ones with leaking cabins and clouds leaking in like vapour. Funny how things change quickly, from not flying to begging to travel by road cos of shitty aircraft that could crash anytime as it has happened before in my country.

Now back to this, your first time to your third might be hard at take off: that is when the plane ascend into the air. You internal pressure struggles balance with the one on the sky, as you know that the higher you go in the sky or lower you go deep down the sea, pressure doubles or triples. So if you managed to suppress the urge to panic or freak out as the plane climbs into the air, you feel like you ears wants to burst open and might feel light headed or sleepy in some cases.

A simple trick I learnt was yawning as many times as possible as you feel your ear wanting to burst. Also, chewing a gum also help some people(but not me, it didn't work for me), worked for my female colleague back then anyways. Its fun though if you get a window seat so you can monitor the surrounding skies as your plane, the aircraft glides along in the clouds!


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