Why Can Humanity Never Attain A State Of Perfection?

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Why can't humans live peacefully forever without animosity and strife at one point in time of forming a solid co-existence? In a more simplified form, we co-habitate, we formed friendship, we form relationships and we form bonds with people who eventually becomes part of us, We form the substance of trust, we build confidence and we command loyalty from people who we have come to understand and love.

However we cannot have human relationships that would forever exist without rancour, this is because we humans are dogged in our resolve, we build our principles and form our perspective about various things in life and because everyone is diverse in this respect it'll be difficult for people to co-exist without disagreement.

A very vivid example is this; when two people quarrel, they do so because they both disagree on issues relating to them. The reason why a quarrel is hardly resolved is because different people feel right more than they feel wrong.

So when different people are thinking they're right and their fellow man or woman is wrong it creates a divide which brings about conflict. Some people find it difficult to agree that they're wrong and this is because they're strongly opinionated.

The reason why some people feel strongly opinionated is because they feel the have learnt and understood life and its circumstance, they feel overly educated, too knowledgeable or too important, the sense of superiority and class kicks in and because of this nudge they build a sense of Importance to themselves making it difficult to come back to the fact that they're still human and still prone to mistake.

The reason why a "happily ever after" seems and looks fictitious is because reality isn't smooth, our universe is bumpy, nothing is certain, from our sense of "right and wrong" we form a belief of what is fair and unfair based on human judgement and nothing else.

Nevertheless the universe is bigger than our brainy assertions, we don't control what the universe does, we're expendable and often surplus to requirement, we cant control and rule the world that way we want because death is inevitable and this painful uncertainty is why we often feel life sometimes ends up in the tragedy of death because we eventually lose our consciousness against our will, despite not wanting old age, the feel of having wrinkles and the inability to forever feel young.

What am I trying to point out? Reality isn't a beds of roses, if it suddenly turns out to be, we would begin to question it's believeability, the fact that life isn't all comedy is how we know that we're living "a reality" People can never live with a sense of equality, color and race and wealth will always create a sense of superiority and inferiority in the minds of different people and hence the onus of disagreement and greed.

One of the reason why we have war amongst people is because of disagreement over substance. The need to show strength and might is because of disagreement. If everyone believe only in what is fact, there wouldn't be a problem of what is truly right or wrong amongst people.

Nevertheless we're not all flawed, our imperfection makes us unique, life would be boring without the diverse human element that we bring, despite the fact that war and famine threatens the earth, despite the alarming poverty, the racism and the ills that plagues the human society we still find a way to see beauty amidst all these.

In reality, disagreement and rancour will never cease within humanity, we can never find that everlasting peace, we will try, we will make headway but then its what it is. Truth is, there's beauty in all these diversity is why we have variety and this is the spice of life. We will keep striving for perfection and keep striving for that ultimate version of us and this will continue till enternity.

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