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I've read one of the contents of @prayzz someday before where he highlighted a fiction where a twenty-five year old young man named Gideon was shot to death by a policeman for nothing and the author also confirmed in a comment that something similar to that has happened in his country before and it's really sad.

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This story is also about police injustice.

A family consists of three members (The mother, son named Ushno, and the wife of the son) who went to their village and stayed there for some days. After staying there for some days, it was time for them to return to the city so Ushno went to the bus counter to buy tickets for the bus and he succeeded in buying the tickets and returned to the place where they were staying. Their bus was meant to start from the bus counter in the evening so we started packing.

It was time for them to leave the village so we left the place where they were staying and we reached the bus counter early in the afternoon and they were waiting there for the bus to come. Some cops were passing that route and suddenly they came near them and started rioting. The senior officer who was in civil dress asked the constables to hold Ushno so that they can search him easily.


They dragged Ushno and put him on a table and started searching him. Ushno gave his wallet to his wife before they dragged him and he (Ushno) had his mobile phone with him. Everybody was frightened, and he (Ushno) knew he's not guilty of anything, and he didn't have any unauthorized thing with him, so he was not afraid of that but he was afraid of the police as he knows some bad habits of the police. His wife and mother were also scared and they were literally crying. No one said a thing about what they were doing to me. When they were searching his body, Ushno threw his mobile phone to his wife so that she can use it when Ushno is gone. After searching the whole body, they didn't found anything and the senior officer was injecting Ushno with something. Suddenly they gave up on me saying, "this is not the right place and they got it wrong". They left right at that moment.

Ushno knew at that very moment that they showed their injustice power over nothing and for nothing. He knew he was injected with something. He was shouting at them saying "why did they inject him and what's the consequences of it" but they already left. Ushno ran after them and he's found a big mansion where there was a function for the political leaders and he's found that senior officer there. Ushno went inside and asked that officer to come out with him for once. He (the police) came out and they went to an empty place where there were no peoples around and Ushno was asking him why he did that and he (Ushno) didn't know what happened but at one point they got into a fight.


Ushno grabbed him (the police) by the collar and was calling his wife and uncle to come to help him but the police officer was strong so Ushno threw him to the ground and hit him with a stick and... and the police died. Then Ushno left the place before other polices noticed it.

Then I woke up from sleep and I understood that all this happened in my dream and I introduced myself as Ushno in the story which means I've seen me and my family fighting with that police in my dream. I don't know why I've seen such a dream suddenly but I've dreamt it. Maybe I dreamt it cause we can't see polices as our friends anymore after we see them do such bad things after we hear the news that a girl got raped inside a police station by the police whom the girl went to complain about the previous rape. This is the world we're living in now where we can't think of the police as our protector as they're killing us on their own. I wish we get some honest police officers who will make everything right in the right way.

"The End"

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