Sweet Little Girl on #caturday

in Caturday2 months ago

These are photos that I took of LittleBit one year ago this month, when my sister-in-law came to visit and brought her two kittycats with her. LittleBit was about three years old then, so she is around four years old now! No one knows exactly when she was born, as she was rescued from wandering the street when she was a very small kitten. Regardless of the exact date, Happy Birthday to LittleBit!

Some of these photos were already shared with a more artistic processing last year. But these originals were not shared at that time with my Creative Commons licensing attached to them (CC BY-SA 4.0). So I am releasing them that way now, should anyone wish to use these photos. I explain my rationale behind sharing my photos under Creative Commons licensing in this post from July 2019.

Perhaps because she spent so much time wandering the streets as a tiny kitten, fending for herself, LittleBit is quite skittish when she first meets new people and it takes a while for her to build trust. But once she does, she is a very affectionate little thing, and loves cuddling and sleeping across laps, tummies, legs, or anywhere she is allowed. 😊

Next #caturday, I will share photos of the other kitty that were made a year ago, so stay tuned! 😸


banner made by me with a free clipart image from PNGio.com




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Poor little soul wandering the streets. I am so glad she found her way to you.

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She's certainly a very sweet looking little ginger... we love orange cats around here! I am glad she has a warm and safe home now.

Happy Caturday!

Awwn, I don't know much about cats because I've never had them as pets. I have an alsatian dog. LittleBit is adorable! And she's four years old, wow. Why the name LittleBit? Happy birthday cutie! 😍

 2 months ago 

My sister-in-law named her that because she was so small when she was a kitten, just a "little bit" of a cat! When she got scared, she could hide in the smallest of places, too, places where one would never think to look for her! LOL

Happy Birthday 'LittleBit'! You're a gorgeous cat now 😻


WOW, so cute. I hope I can hug it.