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During the monsoon season, different region of our country were submerged in flood waters.Now the rainy season is over.The rainy season is over and now it is autumn.However, different region of our country are still flooded.The lower regions of the country are still under water.

However, the people of the country do not have any problem as some low lying areas are still submerged in water.

From this water they are fishing in a festive atmosphere.They are very happy to fishing.

So, a few days ago I went to the edge of swamp in a another village.I had a friend with me.We basically went there to see the fishing scene of the villagers.The name of that village is Aloa(অলোয়া).The village is located south of our Tangail district.Aloa village has many large swamp.The day was Sunday.We went to the edge of that swamp on Sunday afternoon.We went to the edge of that swamp by a motorcycle.

There is a road through the middle of that swamp.We went to the middle of the road with the motorcycle.We did our motorcycle stunts on one side of the road.Then we saw huge swamps on both sides of the road.The view on both sides of the road was very beautiful.Just water on both sides of the road.There are many small green plants in the water.Which looks really nice.There was a quiet and pleasant atmosphere all around.

There is no chaotic environment.There is just a quiet atmosphere.There is pure air of nature.Occasionally there are beautiful sounds of birds.And sometimes the sound is coming from the water.And that is the sound of fishing.Sometimes the fish jumps from the bottom of the water and rises to the top.All in all there was a really nice atmosphere.

We saw the people of the village there.There are simple people in the village.They are fishing from that swamps water.Their fishing scenes looked really amazing.They are trying to catch fish from the water with different nets.We stood and watched their fishing scenes.I loved watching their fishing scene.Standing in the beautiful environment of the afternoon we watching their fishing scene.There are some village's fishermen sitting on one side of the road.We talked to them.You can see the scenes in the pictures I shared.

Then we walked there for quite a while.We walked there and saw the fishing scenes.There were many beautiful views of nature.There was a beautiful atmosphere in the afternoon.We really enjoyed that environment.That afternoon I had a beautiful trip.I am happy to see villages people's fishing scene.I took some pictures there.I took pictures with my used mobile camera.I shared the pictures with you here.

Friends this was the story of me going to another village swamps and watching a fishing scene one day.It was a beautiful moment for me.I was really fascinated by the open environment there.So I shared this beautiful moment of my journey with you.

Everyone stay well and stay safe.Have a good day.See you again.

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