Contest: My best tips for inexperienced travelers! (Prize Pool - $100)

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Travel writing contest

Hear ye! Hear ye! If one hundred dollars is what you desire, your best travel tips for inexperienced travelers is what I require! It's time to blow the dust off the keyboard and do some worky worky! Make sure you read all the post till the end to find out who were the winners of the last contest.


  1. Write an article sharing your best tips for inexperienced travelers! Make sure you use a #traveladvice tag!
  2. Share your post on Twitter using hashtag #[traveladvice] plus your personal comment and tag @travelfeedio.
  3. Post the link of your article and the link of your Tweet in the comment section under this announcement. Both the article and the comment must be posted using
  4. [Optional] Consider following travelfeedio and invisusmundi on Twitter.


Check out the Step by step guide on "How to use the EasyEditor." You will get extra points for enhancing your post with one or more of these elements:

  1. Youtube, Facebook or Vimeo video
  2. Soundcould or Spotify song
  3. Table of contents
  4. Instagram post
  5. Google Map
  6. Interlinking


The article must be posted using

  1. Both the article and the comment must be posted using! Don't forget to use a #traveladvice tag!
  2. At least 450 words in English;
  3. No copyright violations;
  4. Proper sourcing if you are using any media that is not your own;
  5. The featured image must be of your own!
  6. Recommended title format: "My best tips for inexperienced travelers!"
  7. Add the link to this announcement at the end of your post.
  8. Multiple articles written by the same author may participate.


  1. The Total Prize Pool for this contest is $100 worth of Cryptocurrency! On the last day of the contest, $100 will be used to buy as much Hive Backed Dollars (HBD) as possible.  
  2. All of it will be split among authors that followed all the rules. Keep in mind that TOP authors will get a huge boost in rewards! Quality is everything!
  3. Best articles will be also upvoted by the @travelfeed curation team and pushed to the Trending page where it will get even more attention.
  4. After receiving their rewards contest participants will be free to choose what to do with their winnings: sell, hold or exchange to other cryptocurrencies.
  5. Things to consider: try to tell an interesting story rather than describing photos, sometimes a few nice images may tell more than a thousand words, usually simple nice-looking formatting without unnecessary modifications is the best choice.


The topic of the previous contest was "3 places in your town that you recommend visiting!" I am super happy that some of the articles that participated in the contest were of very high quality. The prize pool was split among 15 authors who met all the requirements. As it took me a while to make this announcement, to make it up for any inconveniences I increased the prize pool by 50% from 100HBD to 150HBD.

Rewards were distributed using a very simple point system. All articles that met the criteria got from 5 to 10 points. To support quality over quantity TOP4 authors were given 10 points extra. Extra points were also given for enhancing posts with one or more of elements mentioned above (Youtube videos, Google maps, Instagram posts, etc.)

The total number of points happened to be 165. It means that 1 point = 0.909 HBD. For example, TOP4 authors got 20 points each so all of them received 20*0.909=18.18 HBD. Most likely a similar rewards distribution technique will continue to be used in the future.

Congratulations to TOP7 authors: @bluemoon (18,18HBD), @olga.maslievich (18,18HBD), @junebride (18,18HBD), (18,18HBD), @marcybetancourt (8,18HBD), @irisworld (8,18HBD) and @engrsayful (8,18HBD). As my grandpa used to say, keep up the good work! :D

Other participants that got rewarded: @kneelyrac, @shemzy, @sahiba-rana, @travelporn@laxyasaru@putu300@tariqul.bibm. Thank you all. I hope you will have time to participate in this contest too!

Not a member yet? <<Sign Up>> in 2 minutes and start typing! Full of adventure world of travel blogging awaits you!

May the Games Begin!
Tautvydas! (Tot)

P. S. If you have questions or need some advice, text me on Twitter.

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I love this and I must be a part dear friend

Just seeing this for the first time

Congratulations to all the winners!

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Wow! Amazing. Congratulations to everyone. I think I read them all and they made fabulous Post for their cities. Greetings to @bluemoon, @olga.maslievich,, @irisworld, @junebride, @engrsayful, @shemzy, @travelporn, @laxyasaru, @putu300, @kneelyrac, @sahiba-rana, @tariqul.bibm.
Thank you @invisusmundi for the mention and reward

Thank you!😍

Congratulations @invisusmundi! You received the biggest smile and some love from TravelFeed! Keep up the amazing blog. 😍 Your post was also chosen as top pick of the day and is now featured on the front page.

Thanks for using TravelFeed!
@elsaenroute (TravelFeed team)

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booom! Here we have my post on it and the twitter share as well.. Excited!

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr"><a href="

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~~~

Congratulations dai @junebride and to all the winners!! And also, thank you for the mention and for the prize! :) 

oh wow thank you so much! And thanks for organising this content @invisusmundi! It was really fun! Looking forward to trying this one out! :D

I am glad to be participate on @travelfeed , this is my entry to this contest :  and this is my tweet :

It's a great idea for the contest. By the way I'm newbie here and I appriceate travelfeed- a great travel network and gives us motivated to write and tell everyone about our journey. I can't wait to share my experiences with everyone.

So the deadline is 20th next month? :))


Hi! friend! This great theme, very necessary. By the way you know something about the results of this Contest: My best Youtube travel video! @travelfeed

This is my entry for the contest!

Hey, here is my entry for the contest:

On tweeter:

My honour to join your contest 🙂 Cheers

yay! I am running to start to work on a new post for that contest!

This is my tips and tricks for a nerdy traveler... still, there are little things that might be useful to a less tech-obsessed person!

My post link

Hello travelers, here is my pass for the contest:

I am very happy to participate! A big hug to all!

Here's my post on travelfeed:

And here's the link to my tweet:

Thanks so much for organising this! It was fun!

Hello, thank you very much for the invitation and for creating these great contests.

Here is my participation

My participation

First time working with easy editor.