Valencia: Enduring the Pandemic With Photography

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Ten years ago, Mike and I started traveling the world with this project called “For 91 Days”. Since then, we haven’t stayed in one place for more than four months… until 2020. Like everyone else in the world, we were suddenly stuck at home. It’s been a difficult adjustment for two guys accustomed to a mobile lifestyle. Valencia Photography During The PandemicValencia Photography During The Pandemic

But how can we complain, when we’re “stuck” in a place as beautiful as Valencia? In some ways, Covid has done us a favor, by forcing us to spend time with our chosen home. We’ve spent the year discovering surprising new corners of a city we thought we knew inside-out.

Right now, there are a lot of restrictions in place: we’re not allowed to leave the city on weekends, we can’t meet with friends, bars and restaurants are closed, masks are required even during exercise, and there’s a curfew. Even though regular life has ground to a halt, we’re still allowed to take walks outside… and as a photographer in such a picturesque city, that’s enough. I go out every day, and always discover something new.

The sudden lack of travel in our lives has definitely been frustrating… but even though we probably could arrange some sort of escape, and fly off to a country with fewer rules, it doesn’t seem like the right thing to do. These restrictions are in place for a reason; they’re not just obstacles to sneak past. So, these travel bloggers are staying put.

At least, we’ll stay put until we’re vaccinated! At the current rate of distribution in Spain, that might not happen until 2022. That seems so far off, it makes me want to vomit. Discovering Valencia has been great fun for one year, but does it have enough surprises to keep me inspired for two?

Somehow, I wouldn’t doubt it!

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Thanks for bringing us sunny Valencia photos with Ayuntamiento, Catedral, Train Station...

The situation is not nice, hehe, but as you said, at least you can photograph now.

Those restrictions...We could go to Altea for example, but not to Benidorm as the restrictions are for towns with more than 50.000 residents if I remember well.


We could also get to Altea :) We're thinking maybe Calpe end of February for a few days! Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words!

Hey, if you want a small hive meeting and chatting, let us know, we could really meet somewhere in Altea.

That would be fun!! I'll let you know - nothing is decided yet but I really hope we get to go for a few days.

Looking forward hearing from you :-) 👋

This is a great post! Amazing photos! !BEER

Thank you for the Cerveza! :)

Hi @for91days,
thank you very much for posting this insight. I particularly like the shot with the sad smiley on the bus stop. It reflects my mood right now.


Happy you liked - Thank you for stopping by!

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