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Hello my dear friends!

How are you getting on? Hope you doing
well always.

Today I would like to share with you a splendid
sunset view and the landmark of Pontian Crown Plaza in Pontian Kechil,
Malaysia. Why I say it is a marvellous place to visit? Because of the beauty
the sunset seaside view, the visitors can even see the sun gradually moving
down towards the sea water level. The mirror and reflection of the water that
making the sunset scenery amazing and stunning.

Pontian Crown Plaza was built and
completed on year 2015. It was linked the development of open plaza landscape
area, kiosks and pergolas, football field, jogging tracks and kids cycling field.

There is a football field located next to
the Crown Plaza. Every morning, there are occupied by many football players and

Another side of the plaza has several
pergolas and kiosks. Every evening, we can see many residents like to pack
their food for dinner while enjoying the sunset view.

Because of the peace and superb ambience
of Crown Plaza, there are many couples like to take wedding photography over

The landscape design is formal garden
concept. The rectangular and boxing of carpet grass of flooring pattern at both
sides of water feature.

Usually Pontian Crown Plaza is quite
crowded in every morning and evening. In the morning, the open plaza is opened
for public for morning exercise and elderly Taichi activities.

Every evening, the people like to stroll
along the pathways and enjoy the peaceful and beautiful sunset views with this significant landmark structure at Pontian Crown Plaza.

I was so lucky to see the rainbow appearance
when I was visited Pontian Crown Plaza.

The seaside sunset scenery at Pontian
Crown Plaza makes people linger, and willing to stay there until the late

Pontian is also famous of seafood. There
is a big jetty for fishermen to park their boats. Therefore, we could easily
see several fisher boats passed by during sunset.

Hope you guys like my sharing and enjoy
these sunset views.

Thank you #amazingnature by @adalger.

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What a fun publication, the content and the colors activated me and the end is like finishing a movie to cry what a beautiful photograph, to observe how the reflection of the sun paints the sea and the sky is dyed yellow.

Thank you @amandaj commenting. Im glad that you like my sunset views. The photography taken last year when I visited Pontian Crown Plaza. A amazing place to visit as everytime the views change because of different weather of the day.
Thank you @amandaj. Have a nice day!

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That's beautiful :D

Thanks @kaerpediem.
Have a nice day!

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When I saw the pictures from the seaside I directly became jealous ^^ .. I know that pictures never can show reproduce the real-life situation and the emotion correctly, but I can just imagine how amazing it must have been to experience this view, with the sound of the silent sounds of the sea, the slowly blowing wind on the face and the smell of the sea ;)

Thank you @adalger. Actually the weather was very good when I visited the seaside Crown Plaza. And that day I went to worship a deceased family member I loved very much. I think it would be a comfort to watch the beautiful sunset scenery.