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Hola Amigos 💖 💖 💖

Este hermoso día les traigo un divertido acto de magia, que consiste en "hacer desaparecer un objeto dentro de una increíble bolsa mágica". Así que los invito a seguir disfrutando de este divertido viaje en el que los más pequeños pueden desarrollar, poco a poco, el ingenio.

Espero que sea de su agrado y muchas gracias a todos por su apoyo 🍎

"En momentos de crisis, solo la imaginación es más importante que el conocimiento" A. Einstein

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After sometimes ago, you came here with awesome magical video on 3speak community. I'm enjoying to watch it and gave me so much fun. Also you explained better how to do this magic. Excellent work @saracampero

I am honestly very happy that you liked my video. Understand Spanish? haha

By the way something happens with 3 speak. It is my first video here and it has not been published since the following message appears on the page.

I don't understand Spanish ha ha. But I understood step by step what you explained. Yeah that message appeared when I try to uploaded my video on 3speak. But don't consider it after published 3speak videos on Hive blockchain. I think 5-10 minutes spent for upload video to blockchain. So be patience and don't close window before submit video on Hive.

Muy simples y divertido, Sara¡! Muchas gracias por demostrar como se hace. 😊

Good that you enjoyed many thanks for being attentive to my work. Kisses..

Omg!!! So happy to find you again!! Such fun! Always thought your videos were fun, spunky, creative, editing and just greatm i will be tweeting from time to time!

Hello dear, I'm glad you also enjoy my videos. In a few minutes I'll upload another one, don't miss it haha ..;) Gracis see you on Twitter ..

Muy divertido el truco para las fiestas infantiles, gracias por compartir.

it's magic!