'Mask trick' for better protection!

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Masks became one of our major part of wardrobe and I think it will be for long. I use two masks at a time. It may sound crazy but this is the best option I have right now to protect myself properly. I know that many of the countries have the similar crisis of masks like us. And getting the correct types of masks is also a struggle. So, I think this trick gonna help!


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Thanks for that 😊

yw :-)

i dont think the masks actually protect you. they just protect others from you, as they dampen the velocity at which you spew out aerosol particles or even filter them. yet if no one around u wears mask, as it is the case in my country, then you are not really protected.

Even if you wear a mask, if the aerosol goes to ur eyes you might still get infected. but eyes dont spew out them selfs aerosols, so as long as people around u wear mask you are safe. the mask decreases the distance at which the corona can infect people. since there is no way for everyone to know if they are infected or not everyone needs to wear mask.

me and my gf wear a textile mask as well but we have this mask with tie straps. so she can take the mask off without touching her face without having to adjust her hijab. the mask also has a pocket for a paper filter, where i could insert toilet paper in it as a filter xD

stay safe. i saw an article today about the lockdown in bangladesh (but also else where in the world) greatly affecting families at home as couples get frustrated over loss of income or loss of job and have more friction between each other as they are confined together on small space.

Your idea is clear about mask. Wneb we go crowded areas, you don't know if anyone is infected or not; you have to wear mask. There's is no other option I think.
And here in Bangladesh, only going on the street seems we are in crowd. So masks is vital.
I usually take shower every time I come back home. And wash my hands before opening my masks.
Yeah, my country's economic situation is not going well. And that's why government have to open up industries and malls.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Stay safe!

Good Morning @rem-steem. I hope you can stay safe

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