Riff of the week: Killing in the name Of

in Threespeak4 months ago (edited)

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Decided to do do some riffing from an classic song that everyone was jerking off over back in the early 2000's. Might do a full cover of it sometime soon since it's pretty fun to jam, though unless one of you wants to get me a whammy pedal, I'm sure the solo will sound like a homeless man with chlamydial pissing into a milk jug. But, yeah. Hope you enjoy the jams, doods. Until next time.

(If this looks/sounds familiar, I'm slowly cross posting my content from Youtube to 3speak as a back up. So, bear with it, babybois.)

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Getting an unhelpful error code from 3speak on this video :(

Hmm, that's odd. Maybe it would work on a different browser? I don't think I've really had many issues actually viewing a video on 3Speak, so I'm not sure how to get around that or fix it 🤔