Jump Over Your Own Shadow ! - Shadow Photo Contest

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Hello lovely Steemians !


Today I would like to submit my very first entry to the SHADOW PHOTO CONTEST, hosted by the amazing @melinda010100 ^^ You can find her nice contest HERE .. I was browsing my old photo library for this special picture. It was recorded in Cardiff, Wales. I have been there for one year. It was an academical year-abroad at Cardiff University where I worked in the field of Chemical Biology during my Master of Science.


I was training Kung Fu already for some years before that long-time travel. So I decided to directly join the local Kung Fu classes starting from the day I arrived there. Here you can see me during an attempt to prepare the perfect shadow for the contest ^^ .. Hehe, it was just a joke. It was not especially for the contest, but rather a super funny jumping exercise. You can WATCH YOUR SHADOW while jumping TO CONTROL YOUR BODY TENSION ;)


I hope you enjoyed my entry for the Shadow Contest and that you could learn something about how a shadow can be actively used as a funny training technique ^^.. By the way, "JUMP OVER YOUR OWN SHADOW", is a translation from the GERMAN SAYING "Ueber den eigenen Schatten springen", which means: to overcome oneself or to go beyond your own possibilities ;)

This picture was taken for me by a friend with his Canon Camera. It was during Kung Fu training several years ago in Cardiff, Wales.








If you want to know more about me, just look up my Introduceyourself post or follow my blog ^^

Learn more about @adalger here !

Best wishes,

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Great shots!!! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you @trincowski ^^ I was planning to share this one here for a long time already ;)

Great contest.. Keep it up💖💖

Thank you very much @ospro ^^ .. Unfortunately the vlog contest was not very popular, also I know that at least you are a big fan if it ^^.. Also after asking around not many were not interested :( .. but I already created a fixed template and after I reached out to more interests I will reestablish it on a monthly base with a 10 days window.. I have to slow down at the moment due to my PhD write up and some health issues but I did not forget your vloggers out there ^^

best of luck for your study
Love & respect from me 💖💖💖

Tolle Fotos! Reminds me of my breaker friend shorez from @quest-skool , who is really good at teaching kids flips, body control and technique to strengthen the core. Really like the fact that you chose these kung fu pictures and related it to shadow. Kennst du aus cardiff vielleicht einen jaspal der da linguistics studierte?

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Hehe, sounds like a great guy! Many underestimate the powers if a strong core as the benefits are not so obvious visible, but it is an essential part!.. Working with kids must be even more fun ^^.. Unfortunately I do not remember a Jasper from my time there. But I have to admit that I met quite a lot of people there, it is such a stuffed city full of students and I am very bad in remembering names, but maybe I was drinking up a pint with him once without knowing it, haha ;)

That is a pretty amazing shadow shot! I'm so glad you entered it in the Shadow Contest. I'm sending you some tokens to buy Lotto tokens. DM me and I can help... It's easy.

Hey there @melinda010100 ^^ This picture was waiting there for you already a long time for an entry.. And now I finally "jumped over my own shadow" and submitted it ^^ .. I am glad that you like it ;)

Fantastic shadow photo!
It is not just the photo but the story behind that is so amazing. 😀

Hey, thank you @nelinoeva. I kind of always try my best to only sumbit posts with a little story ^^ .. Ohh wow, you are now a moderator in shadow hunters ;)

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