Slowly getting back to coding

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It has been over a month since I did any coding. Like I mentioned earlier, the last 30 days were very bad and we are slowly recovering from the damage done by COVID. My dad is showing some good signs of improvement. Two days back I was wondering that I did not do any coding work in the last one month. For a moment I even thought I would have forgotten coding. I then took some of my existing application and started reviewing the code. I was then able to convince myself that I didn't forget anything.



Actually to be honest after that long break I was more energetic to do lots of work. My body didn't support me for that but I did try to do some updates to some of my apps. The healing is still a bit slow where I'm unable to spend hours together in front of the laptop. The fatigue is still there and I believe it can take a few months to get back to normal.

Need some more time to take up new projects

Day before yesterday when I started working on some of my existing projects, I thoughts it would be a good time to take up some new work and start doing something creative. But I realized that I was pushing myself very hard and I couldn't spend more time in front of my laptop. I initially thought it would all be okay when I start focusing on my work and do something creative but it was not the case. Even though I spend a considerable amount of time in front of the laptop, I still take a nap in between or lie down getting tired.



I guess I should take a little more time to relax and reinstate all my activities. So far I was able to slowly get back to my routines. I have been able to start playing a few games and write one mandatory article per day which used to be my routine. Apart from this, I'm also happy that I was able to introduce some features to my bot in the last two days. You can find more information about the same in my previous articles.

But taking up new work or working with a deadline is not something that is going to happen anytime soon. Even today if I start working on something I feel like sleeping for a bit. I'm not mentally stable yet. There are still a lot more family things to sort out. For all the work and learning I have done in the last one or two years I consider this as a long break. I really wish I never get this kind of break again in the future but instead a relaxing one or willingly taken a break.

I joined back my office this week and I was advised to take things slow. I'm doing the same with my office work as well. I'm not taking up many things on my shoulders yet. I'm just being an advisor for my team for now before I get to the ground and do things on my own. I guess things should slowly get sorted in the coming weeks.

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@bala41288, nice to see you back.
It good to hear that you have started coding and also joined back office.
Take care and be safe

Thank you so much. 🙂

Nice post

Thanks. 🙂

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