Entrepreneurship tips (part 1)

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Greetings dear friends, we all want Entrepreneurship, many have already started this adventure, here are some tips for you to follow once you have Entrepreneurship, I hope they will be of help to you, personally I am on this Entrepreneur journey, not at a business level rather at the freelance level.

  • Hours spent in business.
The reason why we start our own business is to have more time, it is something that is easily forgotten and we can soon become slaves of ourselves, of our own business, we must distinguish between working hours and hours of thinking about your business, It is important that you have free time to think about your business, to create new strategies, sometimes we work as an employee all day, but without contributing without creating a strategy that is what our business needs.
  • How should we organize.

When you start, you tend to organize yourself badly, month by month, and when the month is over you think about the other month, that can affect you because if it goes badly you can fall into a spiral of frustration that is why it is better to organize quarterly something they do big companies.

  • Organization chart.

Although there are few people, it is important that you draw it, with the responsibilities, even if it is a single person performing 5 tasks, it is important, that it is indicated since that will allow you to better analyze in the long term, in case you want to incorporate new income.

  • Get new clients.

You have to identify how you are getting customers, identify the most important and repeat that process and give more support to that process, instead of looking for new ways that you don't know if they will work. It may be boring, but by repeating that process you can maximize your customers.



  • Sell ​​to the customers you already have.

It costs more to acquire a new client, than to sell to one you already have, if you already have a client you must draw up a strategy, you must maximize your benefits with the strategy of several products after selling a product, if you sell a product of 100 and your client buy it, you should have a product B more expensive a thousand for example and offer it, it is more likely that the customer who already paid for the first product will buy it.

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I believe that organization is one of the keys to achieve success in everything we set out to do Great post.

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Hello @ramsesuchiha.
Success in business is the conjugation of several keys that adapt to your project.
There is a group of them that can be considered constant for all cases.
However, as you mention in your work, there are strategies that need to be adjusted and not waste time implementing new ones that do not ensure success.
Thank you for this excellent reading.
Best regards

That's right my friend, success comes from the sum of many things that are done well, thank's for readi

Interesting article thanks for the info appreciate

thank's for read

Such nice tips, @ramsesuchiha.

Great post.

thank's for read friend