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RE: No Idea for the Topic of your Post?

in Project HOPE7 months ago

well i get judged for my post I know that. fear. self worth. rights. those are my limits. not being to communicate correctly. wasting peoples precious time. stuff like that. so fear. needing to do other things. but just not getting that done either. sounding depressing I know. I hate making plans to do stuff. cause never does it get going or done. down vote me . i don't know what to do with tokens anyways.


Hi @adysscheryl,

Thanks a lot for your comment. First of all I would like to tell you that we all started on this platform as beginners. I had similar thoughts like you at the beginning. I learned over time that when you do something with passion, people will start to follow you and you will be able to find your own voice.

Don't expect too much from your first posts but continue to write them. Try to share a personal experience and support it with and image. The image will attract people more to your post.

About the tokens, this again needs some time to figure out. In the long term you will be happy to have them. Most of us all started with nothing here.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for kind words. I been steem but not much ctptalk a little. hive. Now. I had appic app. But don't know how to get it back for different device.