No Idea for the Topic of your Post?

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There are some days when it is impossible to find a good topic to write about. In spite of all the efforts, you can't come up with something worth sharing. Maybe your thoughts are blurred and you can't focus. You might try to get inspiration from other people or you search for ideas in books, magazines or tv shows.

The door to good ideas is often not about where to find them but about how to get in a state that can free your creativity

How to unlock your inspiration?

A lot of people tend to try to find inspiration when they don't have any. I believe that to get inspiration, it's not really about finding it somewhere. It's about putting yourself in a state that allows you to be creative.

Imagination is a side product of your brain

When you write a text or create a video from scratch, it is the produce of your brain activity. The quality of your imagination is directly linked to the state of your brain. From my experience, I believe that in order to encourage imagination, the first condition that has to be established is to make sure that your brain is in a condition where it can be creative.

What you should avoid when you want to be creative?

There are some emotional states, that prevent you from being creative. It's difficult to think clearly when you are hungry, lacking sleep, when you are angry, scared or sad. When you are in a state of negative emotions or stress, your body triggers the sympathetic nervous system. This is also often called the fight or flight response. Your body shuts down some systems that are not necessary for your immediate survival. The immune system, the reproductive system, the digestive system are slowed down. You tend to have more difficulties to think things through rationally. You tend to see things within a tunnel. All these are hindering your creative process.

My recipe for creativity

During my studies and on the jobs I had so far, there were always periods when I had no choice but to deliver quality content for a certain date. Over time, I have developed a kind of process that helps me to be creative.

The first step that I do when I don't have any ideas is to switch off my computer and all the other electronic devices. I put on my running shoes and I go for a run in the forest.

During the first 10 minutes of the run, I don't even try to think about any ideas. While running my blood circulates faster and brings fresh oxygen into every part of my body and into my brain. At the same time, the accumulated hormones from previous stress situations are eliminated. Little by little my thoughts get clearer and often the ideas come to me automatically. I need to run about 30 minutes for that to happen. Of course it doesn't always work but I always have a much clearer head than beforehand. I probably had my best ideas while running.

This works for me but probably something else would work for you. You might have to test how you can bring your brain into a creative state. I would try combinations of fresh air and physical exercise...

Tell me about your own experiences. What are your strategies when you lack imagination?

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Great post :)
I usually write a few subjects I wish to research/post about and then if I have no news / I go to my older ideas!
Maybe this post can be a little bit inspiring too >

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Thanks a lot for your comment and sharing what works for you! I checked your article and I believe these are some valid ideas to blog about.

good advice !, I want to share what I do for inspiration when writing: I just watch TV and that automatically gives me a topic or area to write, be it a series, a movie, ub news or just a particular speech, in this way my work is much easier and this is just one of many techniques that can be used to write something interesting I hope you find it useful.

Thanks a lot for stopping by and for sharing what works best for you. Unfortunately for me tv doesn't help me much for inspiration because I get often too much caught into what I'm watching ;-)

These kinds of posts really "refresh" our minds.
It is always pleasant to find this type of reading, which in addition to serving as mental hygiene, also provide us with valuable ideas on how to increase our performance as writers.

Your technique of running through the forest looks very good. I particularly like to sit on the shore and watch the sunset. My city has an extensive coastline and it is very easy to find a place to meditate.

Thank you for this beautiful gift.

I believe that I would really love to run along the beach ;-). In my city there is a lake but at the other side of town so the forest is closer for me. Thanks for stopping by, for sharing how you get inspiration and your kind feed-back ;-)

It is always a pleasure for me to read your publications, dear friend.
They are great!
This one especially, I really enjoyed it.

I send you a warm hug.

Thanks a lot for your kind words my friend!

wow I really like that idea of turning off all devices and going for a run. It sure not only helps you meet the deadline but also adds years of good health to your life.

Exactly ;-). In general what is good for my body is also good for my mind!

OMG... I saw title of your post and said to myself... darn, he got the same topic as my video that I have recorded and prepared for my tomorrow vlog... 🤣

Luckily, your post went in a different direction, but with the same topic... You are doing "running thing", and I'm doing walking... Actually, I have some topic prepared, and while I walk, I'm thinking about my "talk"... and then do my recording...

It's funny, but I have a couple of videos where I sit on the beach, but they don't have that "flow" as others that I have done walking... Maybe you are right about that blood circulation... :)

Thanks for sharing your strategy for content creation!

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Thanks a lot for your comment! I'm looking forward to watching your video ;-).

Actually, I have some topic prepared, and while I walk, I'm thinking about my "talk"... and then do my recording...

I think that your creativity is very well triggered while walking. I admire how you manage to get a video out every day for your vlog and a post about splinterlands... I'm happy if I find something to write about 3 times per week ;-)

Great post, one thing i struggle with is to find my creative side.

Hi @chmoen,
Thanks a lot for your comment. I would consider your creativity like a muscle. If you haven't used it for a certain time, it might be difficult to get it started. If you try to use it over and over again, it will get stronger and easier to find....

Hehehe very successful your publication friend, today particularly happened to me, I have no idea what to write, I'll wait tomorrow to see what I think, but I think it had to do with everything I had to do in the day, and some of the stress. Tomorrow will be another day and I will see what idea comes to my mind. The exercise option is good, it certainly allows us better circulation and therefore better oxygenation of our brain. Very good technique!

I really use that and meditation to do deep breathing helps me to calm my anxiety levels and clear my mind.

I also have some days when no ideas come. I believe it's also good to accept that and not put ourselves too much under pressure when that happens. I learned that it's difficult to be creative when under pressure.

Breathing and meditation also allow us to get into the parasympathetic nervous mode that acutally helps us to think. So your technique is very appropriate.

Thanks a lot for your comment!

Yes, I agree. It all depends on what method we feel most comfortable with!

This is a good post and I like your thought on this. I have seen other posts on this same subject and for them it was a different answer. It's not easy coming up with a subject for your content everyday and you have a good way of looking at it.

Thanks a lot for your comment. It's definitely not easy to find something to write about every day... I'm happy if I have a topic 2-3 times per week ;-). I stopped to put myself under pressure for that. If I don't find anything to write about, I just sleep one more night over it ;-)

Hii good to see your post As you have stated at the end

Tell me about your own experiences. What are your strategies when you lack imagination?

so the questions you mentioned above and gaved beautiful answer / reviews about it so i think i should also share my opinion on these questions .

How to unlock your inspiration?
A little peace and a cup of tea,coffee or drink can change your mind just sit alone without any thing and think of products around you
"everything gives everything to learn " A little quote made by me lol

Imagination is a side product of your brain

for me Imagination world is the only world where you can see things that looks impossible but when you think of it you try to make it happen and through it you can make impossible to possible .

The best part of this post

You have given the best recipe for creativity and the explanation of blood circulation which helps in boosting mind and giving relief from stress and anxiety is the best thing i love in this post ...

Running helps in many ways ❤️

Hi @hassanabid,
Thanks a lot for your great comment and your kind words. It's great that you found the key to your inspiration with a warm drink and sitting in the calm. I believe it's important for us to find what works best for us!

i wish you would see my comment :)

well i get judged for my post I know that. fear. self worth. rights. those are my limits. not being to communicate correctly. wasting peoples precious time. stuff like that. so fear. needing to do other things. but just not getting that done either. sounding depressing I know. I hate making plans to do stuff. cause never does it get going or done. down vote me . i don't know what to do with tokens anyways.

Hi @adysscheryl,

Thanks a lot for your comment. First of all I would like to tell you that we all started on this platform as beginners. I had similar thoughts like you at the beginning. I learned over time that when you do something with passion, people will start to follow you and you will be able to find your own voice.

Don't expect too much from your first posts but continue to write them. Try to share a personal experience and support it with and image. The image will attract people more to your post.

About the tokens, this again needs some time to figure out. In the long term you will be happy to have them. Most of us all started with nothing here.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for kind words. I been steem but not much ctptalk a little. hive. Now. I had appic app. But don't know how to get it back for different device.

This content is a #massivesuccess !
It gets a full upvote, a rehive, and I invite you to connect with me on telegram @robgehring to discuss further.

Thanks a lot for your comment and the resteem!

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When I have no idea I keep reading and reading and take break from posting.

Actually my issue is not running out of idea but converting the idea into readable/presentable manner . First paragraph is the hardest for me in the most post.

I go on walk when I have to think about some "pros and cons" of a very specific situation.

Hi @saachi,

Thanks a lot for sharing how you find ideas for your posts.

Actually my issue is not running out of idea but converting the idea into readable/presentable manner

This is a very interesting topic and it gives me and idea for a future post ;-)

Nice, Happy to give you idea for your next post.