Understanding the psychology of arrogance and positive flags

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Fellow Folks of the Steem Blockchain, supporters of the success future within this community"

In today's world and particular in social media (not referring to steem(it) in particular) you come across of very arrogant people. Some people might never realise this and accept so-called superiority behaviour of such individuals and even admire them as revolutionary leader.

It happened in the 20th century with extremist movements across Europe - scientists still try to understand why these leaders managed to create a War, seduced entire nations to do ugly things.

Does this mean every arrogant person is a bad human being? Certainly not BUT there is only a small step from being simply an arrogant asshole (sorry for the flaming word - forgive my basic English - not a native speaker) towards inflated self-esteem leading to radical movements in the end.

This is just my personal view (without a source, without quoting scientists) based on my life experience I wanted to share. Don't be afraid - there will be no long essay or analysis of human behaviour or brain! I am not a psychologist, I am not a social worker, I am not a politician - I am one of these idiots people laugh at because they claim we need positive vibes to be successful in any environment, it can be in a company, in a family or in a social network!

I only want to point out - Be Careful who you follow, who you support - and always ask yourself continuously if this is really what you think is right or if it is just something someone tells you to be right! Reflect yourself! Ask questions! But do it in a nice way anytime! Smile if someone tells you fuck-off but learn your lesson.

Thanks for listening and do not get seduced by negative people - however giving flags on this platform to shitposters is something positive!


resteeming, number one reason this platform hasn't had mass adoption imho, who will invest where the place is more centralized in power than that which supposedly this whole movement was 'against'. Nail hit on head

Thx darling - what else could I add?

since writing that the whole game changed so am sure there will be some bread and circus but really when people I know ask about crypto I honestly tell them not to do it and if they choose to read , "The Sociopath Next Door", to get a taste of the actual experience of it.
my own stuff going on has nothing to do with any of this because I figured something like this would be pulled right when VOICE dropped, js
back in the day I actually wrote real articles digging into things like Poloniex, there is no point in connecting dots when a new shiny drops and the masses flock to it without so much as a question of ethics , civility or long term consequence to DPOS platforms. (not a fan but whatever)
"Let them eat cake" and this time it may not be the people who are the majority getting a dose of some special sugar. op/ed

There is a difference between being negative and defending that platform that some people just don't get. I've been called a lot of things, but I think I'm on the right side. Hope I don't come across as arrogant.

You are for sure on the right side - arrogance is different even some might call you that way. Do what you feel is right for the community. If all would act like that we would not have these flag wars.


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Your last line sums it all up quite nicely.

Enough said.

(This comment will probably get Dv'd and greyed out but I hope you see it first.)

ironically or not a ton of us small fry get in our wallet how if we don't remove certain vote(s) we'll get downvoted and for a recreational user like myself who makes nada it's a horrid thing that such a toxic culture is allowed that drives off investors imho........... I wind up getting into Enjin and Eth to just be able to be left alone and then when you want to have some type of social experience it becomes Lord of the Flies and the same ones causing shit then take it out on everyone else that it's not 8 bucks. op/ed :( so sad, this post is on target

The world is made up of many types of people and some tend to value themselves and their own needs more highly than anything else. Greed, hubris and ego are strong motivators for people like that and often it's the people trying to do the right thing that suffer.

I work hard to ignore it and run my own race, stay the course and have fun. There's loads of people here doing the same and it's those people I engage with.

Haters will always hate, no matter what so best that we all just get on with the business of having fun, stay in our own lane so to speak and hope that those drifters disappear at some point.


thanks and agreed one hundred percent

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Thanks buddy, seems you have a similar fan community :-)

Haha, yeah, I call them my groupies...All good rockstars need some! Lol.

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