No Life With Despair and No Despair With Life



Each of us always wishes to live life without anxiety or fatigue, but since it is a life then suffering will be closely linked to it. Certainly we all go through that stage, the stage of despair of life may vary from person to person and may be prolonged in people and quickly end in others, it may be repeated when one person more than once a year or may come once at the other, but inevitably we may go through it

It can be said that problems worsen or fade according to the most influential behaviors on the human being, which is the behavior of despair! Despair makes even simple and possible solutions catastrophic, hard labour and unprecedented risks. It creates reactions that show man in an appearance that is not worthy of his dignity or his pride

Strong souls are aware of optimism, determination and courage and all this is lifted in their feelings at the darkest and most difficult circumstances, and weak souls are aware of despair and frustration and their behavior is clouded by the greatest and most rewarding opportunities

Despair comes as a final translation of frustration, failure, cruel experiences, sudden traumas, fears that the mind cannot forget, of dead roads and doors. But in the face of all this we can realize with certainty that life as it stands on its side, pain surprises us from time to time, because that path that extends to it also takes us to infinite and infinite opportunities, great and great and full of joy and success. And that the days, as the great problems are hidden, are at the same time opening their sails to sail in its sea, which has no limits, and nothing in it hinders the sight of sight

Man did not create until despair, despair is an anomaly and an emergency in his existence, and his existence means his responsibility, and his responsibility means its importance, and its importance means strength, pride and determination, and whenever despair exists, life does not exist, there is no life with despair and no despair with life

It is enough to know that if you want meaning for your life, make it for yourself, and if you want to live an empty life with no hope for tomorrow, it is in your hands and vice versa.

Friedrich Nietzsche, the German poet and philosopher 'who has a reason for his existence he can afford anything whatsoever' and nothing gives us a sense of satisfaction more than work.


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