📷 Creativity made of metal, stone and wood

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Have a nice day! Kuban fairs always have a lot of creative things, Souvenirs and various handmade crafts. Sometimes here you can find both whimsical and at the same time original products...

Masters skillfully combine wood with stone and metal, resulting in very beautiful pieces of furniture, decorations for interiors or landscape design.

There are also many paintings and panels. I especially liked the panel made in mosaic technique from natural stone.

Often craftsmen bring rather bulky sculptures for decorating a house or cottage. Among them there are not only massive vases or fish for fountains, but also the most outlandish things.

You probably need to be a good specialist to immediately recognize the material from which the sculptures are made.

Can you guess what, for example, such an eagle with a snake or this turtle is made of?

There are many tables, boxes, and other items made of minerals.

Thank you for Your attention and visit.
I appreciate Your feedback and comments.
I wish you luck and have a nice day!

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Love the table a lot. Nice find.

Thanks )

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Very cool sculptures. I have no idea what those materials are... maybe slate and granite? 🤔

I guess the table top is carve out of the shape of the 'leg' and that's a lot of work.

Thank you for your attention!

And the product is based on dry acacia stump with rhizomes.
Nature has rewarded this tree with massive natural growths-panels, now they form a unique design of the table and give it additional stability.
This tree was at least 70 years old!

You're welcome.

Wow! That's amazing, I love the details, the shaping, the special colors. Wow! :)
Did you do all of that by yourself?

I just took a picture at the show :-)

I loved the table!

Thanks for your attention

You're welcome

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Thanks )

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