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RE: A trip to Belgrade and visiting the Military Museum

in OCD6 months ago

wow, seems like there is a problem with the police all over the world, from US to Serbia to Hong Kong, all the same 😢


Yes! In Bulgaria, it is the same picture. A dear friend of mine was brutally beated up by the police for nothing. He got his forearm cut severely and had to be sewed in 7 places. The police dragged him over glass on the ground and pounded him even after he was handcuffed and put on his knees. Then he was not allowed a phone call and stayed 24 hours in the police station. His medical care was delayed too. Horrible sight!

damn, that sucks. hope he's ok now.

we get often get these cases in Hong Kong now whenever people go out to protest, and like your friend, even if people haven't done anything they might still get abused by the police 😖