A trip to Belgrade and visiting the Military Museum

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Hi lovely people,

It is been more than a week that I haven't posted anything but I have been caught up with work and other activities and I couldn't go out much and share my experiences with you. Nevertheless, I do have some nice memories that are worth showing and are quite interesting.

This year after New Year's Eve, I did a small trip to Nish and Belgrade (The capital of Serbia). In Belgrade, I wanted to see the Military Museum inside the historic Belgrade Fortress and also the capital as a whole. Pretty mainstream since for a week now, there are very strong riots in Belgrade due to the COVID-19 restrictions. I am seeing videos of police abusing their power to beat up citizens even after they are submitted on the ground. An ugly picture. Anyway, with my blog I would like to cheer up everybody and show the beauty of the city 🙃

I would like to share my first food stop just before going to explore the 2 big cities:


This place is a designed tramway diner. I have never seen anything like this. It is located in Nish where my journey started.


Inside this door is the heart of this diner. We cannot go there. It is in the middle of the place itself and we could sit anywhere around it. There were tramway handles all over the place:


Hence we could hold on to something while waiting for our food to come 😂


Please don't judge me. I had a long day ahead me so that energy had been put into good use 😅

Before going to Belgrade I wanted to see the famous Skull Tower where the First Serbian Uprising against the Ottoman Empire took place 2 centuries ago. In short, it was crushed and the commander of the Serb rebellion self blew everybody including the Turks who were in the surrondings. From that famous battle, it was decided that a Skull Tower of all the Serb rebels would be built as a fear factor in case of future rebelleions. Obviously, this tactic did not work at all. But enough history. Let´s see the photos 💀💀



And now comes the creepiest of all photos ☠️



Inside the chapel, there was a book where everyone could write anything in his own native language and leave an imprint forever.

The road trip continued with my next and last stop - Belgrade


This is the most famous hotel in Belgrade - Hotel Moscow


We visited the old quarter and the most famous streets in Belgrade for example Kneza Mihaila street.


It was just after New Year's Eve, so it was normal to have big Presents and big Christmas Trees. Pretty unusual to see such blogs in the summer right? Well, I am not a very usual guy anyways 😆


A closeup of the Chrismas Tree. Who wants Christmas back for the summer? 😍


Maybe a Chrismas Golden Coach with a white horse.


Or just chill in a Chrismas Bulb 😇


Nothing like a rainy day in the middle of a winter season. Here, we can see the famous Kneza Mihaila street as engraved on the plate.


The Serbian Flag and some Authentic Balkan Food and Drinks 😋


Yeah.. well I don´t think that those umbrellas would be able to keep me dry from the rain 🌂☂️


Just another Christmas Tree.


I went by quite a few churches.


And almost fell in a medieval stronghold 😁

IMG_20181223_120219 1.jpg

I began my ascend to the Belgrade Fortress, the Military Museum, and the Kalemegdan Park.


This is the Kalemegdan Park.


And that is the Belgrade Fortress.


Hmmm.... Was that Danube river or its tributary - Sava river?


It is Sava river 😄


Let's climb all the way to the Military Museum inside the fortress.



IMG_20181223_122228 1.jpg

Checking the view 🤠


Finally! The entrance to... Well that is not the entrance to the Military Museum but I had to check it anyway 😂 Thankfully the Canon was not loaded 👻


Now this is the official entrance!


Weaponry, artillery, and machinery paradise 🙃


All of those artillery are actual original designs and have been used during the world wars.



A couple of close ups 😍


Fire at will!



Ready to launch the Rockets!


Armoured tank from WW2.


High mobility multipurpose Hummer.


Lightweight field canon


View from above.


The ruins of the fortress.


Please don´t shoot! I am from the good guys!


Time to come down 😌



Time is ticking way. It was getting darker.



And we are on the streets again.


I visited my last museum which happened to be on my way back to the car. Well not this car 😃 The written word translates to Militia in English.


The note says, please do not get into the boat. Ha-ha! Yeah right!


Military outfits and badges 😉


Close up of the badges.


BMW Motorcycle R75/6






And a little bit of camouflage.


It was getting really late.


Time for last sightseeings before going home.





There were a lot of churches in Belgrade. This particular one was fully funded by the Russian church. We are all eastern orthodox in this part of Europe.


The inside was really new and well decorated.




Some night images.






Alright guys :) I tried to make it as brief as possible. I have like maybe 300 more images but it is better if it is neat and somewhat organized.

Let me know what you think? Would you visit Serbia some day? Do you like Military Museums or just seeing antique artillery at all? Or maybe you are in a mood to decorate a Christmas tree 😄

As always, thank you for stopping by and I wish you a great day!

Stay happy, be peaceful!




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What a great post really enjoyed that and that first photo was great keep up the good work 👍🏾

Thank you! I try to bring quality in all my posts as much as I can.

No problem keep up the good work 🤝

Looks like you had a lot of fun and visited the main spots. Unfortunately like you said, right now is not the time to visit as we are fighting against absolute totalitarian dictatorship.

We are with you! In Bulgaria, it is the same at the moment. There are rebels everyday and soon the government will be forced to resign. We will have new elections and hopefully better future :)

I have been to Belgrade once and this is a very nice place to visit. Your post was influenced by the history and it really kept my attention until the end. Who knows, may be some of these guns have fired the Bulgarian Army many years ago. God bless, you checked they are all unloaded 😂

Haha. Not all of them. Maybe some of them are loaded 🤣. It was a fun experience. Thank you for your comment 💯♥️

do you know about haveyoubeenhere or travelfeed community? I think that's more suited place to share about your travel stories and find other travelers.

Yes! I have spoken with a few people. I am still trying to figure out the best community for my posts because they can slightly vary and some are more original than pure travel related. I will find a balance soon :)

Yes! I have spoken with a few people. I am still trying to figure out the best community for my posts because they can slightly vary and some are more original than pure travel related. I will find a balance soon :)

I see, that's good to know. If it's pure travel content, those mentioned community will be the best. Since well, I just want to let you know that OCD won't be curating on this community. They mainly curate from communities and even the daily compilation post isn't from within OCD community, if you notice. Cheers.


Thank you for your input ♥️🙏

Absolutely top notch piece. Good job Ivan, you have put a lot of hard work in your posts. My pleasure to nominate this great report to my upvote giveaway for better exposure.

Thank you @phortun! I really appreciate the support. I am always striving to bring quality content and will continue to do so in the future ❤️🙏

Awesome :) Let me put you on my autovoter so that I will never miss a post from you ;)

That is quite an impressive artillery!
Great pictures and it looks like a place worth of a visit.
Thank you for sharing.

You are welcome! Thank for commenting :)

wow, seems like there is a problem with the police all over the world, from US to Serbia to Hong Kong, all the same 😢

Yes! In Bulgaria, it is the same picture. A dear friend of mine was brutally beated up by the police for nothing. He got his forearm cut severely and had to be sewed in 7 places. The police dragged him over glass on the ground and pounded him even after he was handcuffed and put on his knees. Then he was not allowed a phone call and stayed 24 hours in the police station. His medical care was delayed too. Horrible sight!

damn, that sucks. hope he's ok now.

we get often get these cases in Hong Kong now whenever people go out to protest, and like your friend, even if people haven't done anything they might still get abused by the police 😖

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