Information is everywhere. Sometimes maybe a bit too much even?

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The phase of the Covid situation we are now in is a difficult one. It seems on the hand that we are getting how to live with it and things sometimes seem to get back to normal. On the other hand in other places it seems like it is totally getting out of hand, and bodies are flying around everywhere.

Amongst this mist of information around all this all, it is very difficult to find out truths and having a feeling of perspective. And I also get that this uncertainty messes with peoples brains and doesn't always have them thinking in the right direction. But it is hard to see people which you like slipping into ideas and values that are such different than from what I believe in. Healthy discussion is key to both of us!


I was discussing this the other day with somebody. This period in time is exactly a phase where in a lot of people are in a vulnarable situation. Jobs are lost, the economy isn't really giving any perspective, because of lockdowns people are out of their normal doing and sometimes even might have too much time on their hands. And information is everywhere.


I think one of the things what turns people into following sheep is the information which is provided to them. If you send out a message enough, someone will start believing it. If some people believe in it, it will be discussed with others and maybe others will start believing it as well. This is how world war 2 also started. Economical times were difficult after the big crash in the 20s and 30s and if you just send out the message of blame enough, people will believe it and start to blame as well. From nature on we are followers


Now back in that period of time there wasn't a lot of info ofcourse, with only newpapers and television. If these are controlled by someone who wants to do wrong, this just might happen. Feed the people news long enough and that is all they will know.

Too little and too much

These days there is so much information to be found in the world, maybe the effect is currently the opposite. Because not all information is true, not all information is backed by facts, a lot of information is just opinions written by you and me. Now there is a reason that I am just a blogger and not a journalist and that is because I use my opinion and not only facts. Journalists should (<- essential word) use facts, and not bend and twist them in a way that suits the article and the amount of sales, like, hearts or whatever. Naturally this also isn't true, and there are a lot of opinions floating through the news. You see it when looking to the differences between newspapers. One has more radical right ideas, one is more a left newpaper. Same news, different interpretation and heck...maybe not even same news.

But the other side of information currently is that there is so much coming out now that it is almost impossible to filter from this. Every aspect has ten articles going left and ten going right, and both of them are backed by blogs and opinions and not always by facts. How difficult is it finding the truth in all of this?

Maybe too much information is even worse than too little?

Covid, 5G, vaccines and mass injection of chips.


Now currently with just a couple clicks of the button you can find tons of blogs and videos saying that covid is non existant, 5G is causing this, and governments want to inject chips in us in the mass vaccin project. I think different about this, but everyone is entiteld to their beliefs and opinion.

The problem with these opinions is that we all have too much of a platform to spread this with. Say this blog is read 1 million times and goes viral. Then all of a sudden I am miss pro government who believes everything and wants everyone to die from vaccines. I hope you can read through this different.


I believe in science. In facts, in numbers. And I am having a lot of trouble mentally processing the data which is fed to us at the moment. 'Numbers down 1% compared to the day before, we are decreasing!!' often nearly is just the same as 'numbers are stable, hardly any change to be seen' There is SO much info regarding covid that I can hardly make any facts of it. Luckily I have a very clear benchmark at my work in the hospital.

I can see with my own eyes how many patients are there and how much this is compared to a week or a month ago. I can see what covid does to them. I can see that these are often people who are not old and don't have any weird other diseases. These are my facts. What I see. I can see that this disease made other colleagues of mine end up in the ICU. I can see that other colleagues of my age needed a piece of lung removed because of covid. I can see the danger of it.



It also makes me realise that measures taken by government are necessary. Staying home sucks but complaints from covid also sucks. Vaccination might be a way to end this although my opinion the process is rushed through without checking for long term complications. I get it that it is rushed through, people wants their lives back. But a good medicine takes me that time is a bit short still as yet.

Do I believe in vaccinations. Yes, I do.
Do I believe in the covid vaccine process is rushed through? Yes, I do
Will I get a covid vaccine? Yes, I will, but hopefully not the first batch of it ;)
Will I take it if they 'make me take it'? A bit more annoying question is this. Obligation is always something itchy. I just want the feeling that it is safe enough and researched enough and then I will happily take it. To me this is not now as yet, but it will be.


All of this is just my opinion. Everyone is entiteled to their opinion. But discussion is key and should not be with the objective to change the other persons mind. Now it often feels like, if you don't agree with me, then you are against mu opinion'. And that is not how it should be. We should stay open for healthy discussions. Now more than ever.


That is a great article @karinxxl.

I was having a discussion with someone not so long ago about Covid and whether trump actually got it or not and the person said that although you couldn't believe most of the information on the internet, he could believe that trump did get it cause he had a team of doctors that confirmed it.

I disagreed with him because doctors- at the behest of their hospital administration (especially under the thumb of the PRESIDENT of the USA...You don't say no to the POTUS do you- especially one as dangerous as trump...) could be bought off, BUT I don't believe that a team of nurses would or could be paid off to lie to the world.

I am like you, I believe in science, facts, stats and data which is why I believe nurses far more than doctors because nurses are the hardest workers- nurses are 'us'- the 'normal' people within the medical sector, unlike (most/many) doctors who are more like upper management and often have other hidden agendas. (from much personal experience).

So out of all of the access to all of the 'new's outlets and other resources about covid, I will only take mine from nurses thanks- as you guys are there and dealing with it with your own hands, witnessing it with your own eyes, without the desire or need to lie.

Why would you? What have you got to gain from lying...unlike doctors... and everyone else...

Ofcourse, this is just my humble opinion...

I have stopped following all sorts of news and just live in the present. It's happier that way and I get to explore so many things other than paranoia-induced news site 24/7. I still check them but only once a week after major event settles down. Now, I read that there are people afraid of 5G and microchip or what not. Part of my frustration often comes from people advocating X but not living based on their principles in their day-to-day life.