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RE: First month on the blockchain - A social media junkie’s hive journey

in OCDlast year

, I can see myself active on the platform in the future. I feel like I’m leaving my marks on it, marks that cannot be erased, marks that’ll continue to testify my existence. This might not be important for you, but it is for me.

It IS for me.

Hé you stole my minds words !

You are appreciated for being the engager and always attentive. I found your introduction and we crossed paths ever since i see you in the servers that are DOING IT and I see you have fun.

The contest are up your alley so the future here engraved on the blockchain will be your footprint and diary of life. And I am there with you.

Thank you for the shout out we as terminalers appreciate that

Blog on


Thank you as well for initial welcome I had from you and The Terminal. It is so good of you what you're doing. I actually thought about telling the newcomers on their post to join terminal ( 🤣 ) so they can find a friendly place to satiate their queries and feel welcomed then hesitated thinking whether I'm getting ahead of myself!

I get really pumped up seeing the contests. Will do more of them. 😊