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RE: Drop point down under

in OCDlast year

It looks like a great sturdy knife.


Yeah, it should cut my avocado toast pretty well. 🙈😂

Seriously though, it's tough AF and feels pretty nice in the hand. I'm really happy with how it came out and the workmanship is really good too. One can see the effort that went into it.

Alright, I've got to know. What is avacado toast?

Toast is bread that has been toasted. Avocado toast is toast with avocado sliced on it. I add a couple poached eggs and some salt and pepper sometimes too.


'Toast is bread that's been toasted' hmm.. who would have thunk? haha

Now, avocado toast, looks and sounds delicious..thanks for the enlightenment. I will definitely have to try this. yum
Great pics, by the way!

Haha...You will be a changed woman...Nothing like some avocado toast with some poached eggs on top.

(Poached eggs are eggs that have been poached.) Lol.