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A little while ago I connected with a steem user called @freedompoint who seemed always to post interesting commentary about life, the outdoors and one of his hobbies, namely, knife-making.

I'd followed a few of his knife builds slowly building up the desire to own one for myself and once that decision was made I signalled my intent and we began chatting on discord about how we could make it happen.

At that stage he'd never shipped a blade out of the country (USA) and he was pretty keen to see one of his builds head to Australia so we both committed to the build and away it went.

We decided upon drop point knife as I intended to put it to use hunting and for general outdoors-work; A drop point is a great all-purpose blade, strong and robust. The shape of the blade provides more control and strength to the tip of the blade - Although the tip on a drop point blade is never as sharp its strength makes it an obvious choice for those looking to actually use the knife. Drop point knives are popular choices for tactical and survival purposes.

Perhaps its only drawback is that it is not quite as good for piercing as others, say a clip point blade, although it's benefits outweigh that minor drawback. They are simply perfect for slicing though and its broad tip, the strength in it, is what I was looking for.

It's the perfect knife for me, someone who hunts and spends so much time in the bush. It is simply perfect for both known and unexpected situations and I love it!

I asked @freedompoint to create a knife that looks rugged; I didn't want a fancy-pants blade that looks good sitting on a table or some stupid Facebook post...Nope, I wanted something that looked like it meant business, tough and workman-like. I think he nailed it.

When the blade arrived late last week I opened the parcel and was incredibly pleased with what dropped out. The weight was nice, heavy with a slight forward-balance, and it fit into my hand like it was meant to be. I love the handle too as the wood came from the very location where the knife was made, from a tree in that area. Cool! Oh, it is sharp too. Sharp.

In the images you will see that the blade looks used which is by design. Trust me, it'll look way more used in short order. The handle, though, has been carefully crafted to leave no burs or sharp bits so I could wield this knife for long periods without fear of it jabbing or pinching into my hand. I also love the little touch of putting the makers mark on the blade which gives it a personal touch.

I'm really pleased with my blade and am happy with the price I paid. I think what's really cool is the fact I can see my blade being made through the posts and videos @freedompoint put up on steem. I'll have that record of it being made and it makes the knife feel more personal, more mine I guess.

I haven't got a bad thing to say about the entire process from design-discussions to the build-process to hefting the final product once it arrived here in Australia. My knife has come a long way although has only started its life here in the big brown land of Australia...It will be with me for many years and will almost certainly end up with my nephew when I am gone...Yes, it's the sort of thing that gets handed down for future use.

So, if you like knives you need to get onto the builder of this one; You will not regret it. Also, if you like good thoughtful posts about life you need to check out this user...It seems there's more in his noggin than just how to build knives. He's a champ.

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Nice! I'm not a huge fan of the design of the blade (I like them a bit longer and thinner viewed from that first photo angle) but I really appreciate the work put into it.
My kid's father is a hobbyist woodworker and lots more. He tends to watch a lot of videos on such crafts, all wood and metal. Sometimes they give off a quite meditating vibe so I end up watching them too :D (also "Forged in Fire" is a great show, though rather entertaining than neutral and informative).
I'll likely check out what kind of other knives and stuff @freedompoint's done.

Yeah, it isn't one of the prettiest knives but I don't need a pretty knife, I need one that will cut animals up over and over without fail, that's why I went for a drop point. They are reliable, not fussy about what the user throws at it and are very strong.

I have some very interesting knives and some that I would call beautifully shaped...But this knife is designed to work and work hard. I'm pleased with it.

This is just awesome! I really appreciate your kind words. That knife looks awesome at its new home. I hope it serves you well!!

Awesome creation! 🔪

Thank you!

I'm sure it will do the job and see me through many years of cutting and slicing. 🙂

That's beautiful! Got me some serious blade envy!

It's tough AF huh? Man, I love it! I have it beside me here and it just begs to be used. I'm keen to get it earning its keep. (I'm grinning right now. Can't help it.)

I'm going to get a sheath made, not sure what yet, probably leather though, something to match the ruggedness of the blade itself. Kydex just doesn't feel right for it. I'm open to ideas though.

Kydex just doesn't seem right, but there's some advantages to it. I guess go with what you know best or already have on your other tools.

Loads of advantages to kydex but I'm looking for something more rustic I think...Of course, it needs to be serviceable as well. Probably leather I guess, although I have no other leather pouches etc. I'm not so interested in coordinating stuff though really...No one out in the bush to rate my style-factor. Lol.

Leather is quieter. Kydex has that swiick sound. But yeah, leather needs maintenance - but not as much as a knife. Lol. I hear you on coordination - I'm walking earth tones and mixed camo. As much as I try to standardise, some things just aren't easily available without a hefty budget. I have a lot of UCP/ACU because it was cheap.

I often look like a fashion-retard when I'm in the bush...I sort of pride myself on it really. My wife says, "those camo's don't go together" and I'm like, yeah babe, that's the idea, with a grin on my face. Around town, well, I try to get my camo-coordination half right in case one of my mates sees me. Lol.

The durability of kydex, especially in the wet, is a big plus but here in Australia my issue isn't really the wet...It's the opposite, leather will dry out easily however some dubbin will usually solve the issue.

You call that a knife? That's an awesome knife!!! @freedompoint, look at you - what talent!!!!

Hey! Thank you!

I'm so impressed. We do love our knives - I might have to order one for the hubs for Christmas, though he does have quite a few bushcraft knives! I wouldn't mind one just for me though... A garden herb cutting knife!

Herb cutting knife!! For sure

He did well huh? Mine is way better than Crocodile Dundee's knife!

What a sweet investment!! Congratulation on your own custom made knife! Great choice.

Yeah, it's pretty cool. I have many knives but this is the first I've had made custom for me. I'm pleased with the result.

That is awesome, you finally got it! How do you feel? Like a rogue, ready to slay a king? Like a survivor, marooned on an island, that has to use this blade to make every manner of tool, for his new, primal lifestyle? Maybe, you awake in the mid-night air, with a sneaking native islander, standing over you... You had thought that it was a deserted isle, but alas, it is inhabited.... and by CANNIBALS!! Nothing that this beaut can't handle in the hands of my Australian, cobber!!! HEEEYAAA!!!!

Glad you finally got it, friend. Thanks for sharing. :)

Haha, funny! Yeah, I'm really pleased to have it and think it came out really well...It's going to be great to spread Vegemite with! (Just kidding @freedompoint)

It came out as I had hoped and I think it looks sort of tough, rustic even. I'll give it a workout over the years for sure.

I bet you will.. I think that you meant, @freedompoint.. lol

feeedompoint sounds better than freedompoint but just to confirm to societies' conventional standards I changed it.

Soieties'? Have you been hittin' that swill, cobber?

Fucking thumbs and my phone don't like each other...Wasting all my day fixing text fuck ups. WTF!

Only had one coffee this morning so not firing on all cylinders...Besides, I never finished high school so I'm borderline illiterate.

LMAO... We got a good laugh out of your struggle. Thanks! :D

It makes me happy to bring mirth and laughter to the world.

It looks like a great sturdy knife.

Yeah, it should cut my avocado toast pretty well. 🙈😂

Seriously though, it's tough AF and feels pretty nice in the hand. I'm really happy with how it came out and the workmanship is really good too. One can see the effort that went into it.

Alright, I've got to know. What is avacado toast?

Toast is bread that has been toasted. Avocado toast is toast with avocado sliced on it. I add a couple poached eggs and some salt and pepper sometimes too.


'Toast is bread that's been toasted' hmm.. who would have thunk? haha

Now, avocado toast, looks and sounds delicious..thanks for the enlightenment. I will definitely have to try this. yum
Great pics, by the way!

Haha...You will be a changed woman...Nothing like some avocado toast with some poached eggs on top.

(Poached eggs are eggs that have been poached.) Lol.

That's a beautiful knife O_O and it really does fit perfectly in your hand, how did he know?!

We talked about size on discord, blade length and handle length also. It was one of my concerns that it wouldn't feel right in the hand but it came out really well.

That's a real beauty sir galenkp! Talk about strong. wow. Industrial strength!

Nice knife
it Looks like is use at outdoor

Yes, it's for outdoor use, hunting applications, cutting up animals and for general purpose also. It is incredibly sturdy and robust. I'm pleased how it came out so well.

Looks is a good, sturdy knife

Sure is.

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