The Black Panther mask

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My 5 year old son really likes MARVEL heroes. One of his favorite characters is Black Panther. We thought about building the Black Panther mask. We took the PAD, then we looked for Black Panther's face. At this point we put a blank sheet on the I-PAD video and traced the face of Black Panther. You have to be careful and use a pencil and write without pushing, otherwise you risk ruining the I-PAD screen. After recreating the mask with the pencil, we took the colors and colored the mask following the example we had seen on the I-PAD. Then we cut out the mask with scissors. At this point we put an elastic distro to the mask to be able to wear it.


Now that the mask is ready, we've got a black jumpsuit to put on. And here is the result below.


Our baby turned into Black Panther in no time. To make him so happy, we really spent little.


With this method you can create as many masks as there are superheroes.

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Thanks a lot @discovery-it

Wow!! Super :) anche io sono una fan Marvel

!discovery 30

Ciao @delilhavores! Ci siamo divertiti a fare la maschera e poi il divertimento è continuato con nell’indossarla. Mio figlio era contentissimo. Qui vale il detto “poca spesa, ma tanta resa”. Grazie per il commento

Ma sei bravissimo

Con una spesa praticamente irrisoria, MILO si diverte tantissimo!

Wow! That’s great! I would never know how to make masks this way!! The little kid does have a lot of fun!! LoL

I confirm, my little kids have a lot fun

Nice! 👍😂😻😻🌺👍