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RE: Tall Tales: An Engage The Weekend Game

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I don't care if it's true or not but damn it happened sometimes. Lucky men experienced that miracle I think . So I'll go for story #1. If it's true, you will now a Saint to me because you prove to me that miracles happened. lol


If only things like that happened more often eh. Is dave a saint or full of his own fantasies?

First, full of fantasies but we never know, right?haha

It must be a nice sight to see. And can you imagine how many man points i lost if its true. Someone take away Dave's mancard! Or maybe i am a perfect gentleman and was loyal to my girlfriend at the time.

What about you Nightmare. You ever cone across a gaggle of naked women?

Lets see three stories of your own! Make me guess which ones the lie.

I experienced it often in my dreams. lol

Well, there are nice guys who would do that for sure. It's not about being a man or something. It's just about being truthfully inlove. At first, they will laugh but then they will realise how amazing guy you were because of refusing the grace in your face. Anyway, hahahaha I don't what kind of stories I will make. I'm currently doing something, maybe later. Good initiative tho.