Tall Tales: An Engage The Weekend Game

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Welcome to the weekend everyone! Because I love the interaction here in the Engage The Weekend community, and because I wanna have some fun with you guys, I think some games are in order!

@galenkp is generously sponsoring this game and will distribute the rewards once the game ends this Sunday 20th at 8pm EST with the winners announced shortly thereafter.

There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner with the reward of 20 Hive split between them.


The game is simple. I share three quick stories or facts about myself. Two are 100% true and actually happened and one is a total lie! You guys get to try and figure out which one is the fib in the comments.

Also, I want you guys to continue the game in the comments. Post three facts or stories about yourself and let us guess which one is the fabrication. So jump in and have some fun!

Ok so heres the three storys. Let me know in the comments which one you think is the tall tale!


One time working as a courier driver I made a delivery of bourbon to a seemingly normal house in a seemingly quiet unassuming neighborhood. It's about noon and I walk up the footpath and knock on the door bourbon in hand. I hear splashing coming from the pool out back and I figure weekend barbeque since it was mid day saturday.

The door opens and an incredibly beautiful 22 year old blonde girl answers the door...fresh from the pool... sopping wet..and completely naked. Her girlfriends all come to the door excited fresh booze is there and they're 100 percent naked too.

This girl just stands there and proceeds to have a full on conversation with me at her front door...naked...for ten minutes. Neighbors and old people walking by aghast. I think she even waved to one old lady strolling by completely unconcerned she was butt naked to the world.

I was invited in since we hit it off but like an idiot I turned down four naked hot girls who wanted to hang out because I was technically at work and needed to keep moving on.

So is this story true? Do men have such luck? Would Dave be dumb enough to not jump at the opportunity and give his boss an excuse like car problems to get out of finishing my courier shift? Is this just a sloppily contrived fantasy by a lonely and repressed Dave?


morning after a hard night of partying at the bars in Hollywood I woke up in my friends shabby run down apartment just a few blocks away from all the night clubs. Nothing too unusual. What was unusual was the stranger laying passed out on the couch across from me. Who's that I thought and blinked away my blurred vision and refocused my eyes.

There passed out in front of me was a famous Hollywood young actor who's movie had just came out a few weeks earlier.

How in the hell

I thought to myself and ran to knock on my friends bedroom door. He opens it up irritated to be awoken from his hangover induced stupor.

"Dan! Is that xxxxx xxxxxxx sleeping in the living room?" I ask excitedly.

"Wha...huh... he's still here? You don't remember last night man?" He said groggily looking over my shoulder at the passed out guy in the livingroom.

Around noon he woke up and made a hasty retreat pleading with us to never disclose the evening to anyone. We both agreed and to this day have kept his identity a secret.

Did Dave hang out with a famous celebrity on drunken evening who passed out in hus friends seedy Hollywood apartment one time? If he had, would he have kept it a secret and not run directly to TMZ for some quick cash the next day? Did this celebrity become notorious for this sort of behavior?


One summer a few years ago, my best friend and I would go fishing at night at this one lake in southern California weekly, exclusively for the purpose of seeing UFOs.

Each time we visited, like clockwork UFOs would launch at the far end of the lake and do crazy acrobatics and jumping across the sky. Sometimes six at once!

We never caught much fish there. But the night time show was amazing, when we werent jumping into bushes to hide from security. Eventually we discovered a secret installation behind one of the hills there that doesn't show up on Google maps.

As far as I know I never got probed.

Did Dave and his friend have one too many beers on their night time fishing trips and were seeing things? Would UFOs hang out at a public lake? Does Dave just want to believe? Is he laughing at anyone who actually believes this story?


Looking forward to your comments. Let the games begin!

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Oh! This is a good one. Tall tales are our specialty, only we do not question their veracity. We do not believe in witches, but we know they can fly.
I think that out of the tree stories the first one is a lie. Guys rarely get that lucky, unless they pay for it (of course, like witches, there will always come a sob who will prove me wrong).

Here are my stories. Only one of them is a tall-tale.

  1. I attended once a spiritist session with some relatives in my hometown. I must have been 10 or 11 by then. There was this uncle of mine who was a tough guy, tall and strong and who did not believe in witchery or anything supernatural. We were gathered with a bunch of other people, most of them strangers who had come to Yaguaraparo to see this lady, a nurse, who was a medium and whose divination powers were known far and wide. At one point, the lady was "visited" by this Indian spirit who spoke in broken Spanish. All of a sudden she (or the spirit that was possessing her) looked at my uncle and asked him, "you don't believe, right?". He was like, wtf, why me? The Indian/woman then asked for a knife, a sharp one. S/he was handed one by an assistant (the medium's husband) and proceeded to STAB him/herself! Several times! The knife cut/tore the nightgown the medium was wearing. I was shocked, not because the knife actually did not cause a single scratch on the body but because I could see the woman's breasts and underwear. It took me a while to get over this trauma and you made me relive it, thank you very much!
    When we tought we had seen enough my uncle smiled suggesting the knife was fake. The Indian read his mind and grab him by a hand and proceeded to force him test the blade. The poor man bled like a sacrificial lamb. He is a believer now.
  2. There was this storyteller in my town who attended wakes (which lasted 9 nights) just to tell stories. In one occasion, he started telling a tale that was so long people had to go to sleep and resume the next day early in the evening to continue listening to the story (don't ask me what the freaking story was about. It was too long and happened too long ago for me to remember). They did this for 9 nights, at the end of which the guy invited people to the wake of another person who had just passed because the tales was not over yet!
  3. A friend of mine who attended school in town, but who used to go hunting in the mountains nearby with his father and relatives (they had cocoa plantations in those hills) invited me to go hunting deer once. We had some home-altered shotguns that allowed for different amo to be used. I had never gone hunting and as it was expected I sucked at it. I let some big deer go by missing several chances. The last one was so fat my friend got desperate trying to shoot it. I had used all the amo, so he looked around and grab an avocado seed that was on the floor, put it in the gun and shot. He swore he had hit the deer, but the majestic animal ran away.
    The next summer we were hunting again. We went to the same area hoping to see that big deer again. As we were hiding in the bushes we saw some movement down a creek. It was a small tree moving. We could not believe it. We got close and the tree moved faster, even jumped away. It was the deer. My friend did hit it last year! An avocado tree had grown on the animal's back!


A crazy medium/witch went crazy with a knife and never got a scratch. Its plausible. She could have gotten the trick down perfect snd knew how to do it without cutting herself.

Number two I'm thinking totally happened. Everyone knows that one guy who tells stories but hever gets to the point. My sister is like that.

Number three i think is fake. I dont think you can chamber an avocado seed its too big. And what about the gunpowder.

I dunno we need our resident gun expert to weigh in.

Can you imagine what kinda chump I would have to be to not go party with the hot naked chicks....

.or.... Maybe I really was into my girl at the time even though she lived in another country and never would have found out.

Haha. You got it.

If the naked chicks story was true, and for the reasons you exposed, you belong to a special breed of saints.

I really want number three to be true, but alas, I'd have to see it with my own eyes to believe it. A truly great lie, but a lie nonetheless. Lol!

Nice work and thanks for joining in!

It was fun remembering these stories. It had been a while.
One of the things this damn pandemic, combined with our particular crisis, has done is to isolate us from friends and relatives, preventing us from sharing things present and past.

Memories can be comforting and enjoyable and especially in these pandemic-affected times it's good to think about better times, to smile and laugh about them.

I have some technical problems with #3. Among other things, I've tried at least 100 times to raise an avocado seed to a plant and failed every time with at least moderately careful tending.

Not to mention the ballistics and the pressure on that seed to get it down range.

Therefore #1 and #2 are gospel truth with #3 being bullshit.

🤣 🤣
Man, I laughed out loud. You know that desperate situations require desperate measures. I guess our weather helps. Avocado seeds germinate very easily here. So much so that if you break it into several parts you get several trees. 🤣
About the ballistics, these folks around here were very creatives. I remember a guy who had a gun that shot xmas tree lights. No gunpowder needed.

Ahahahahahaha. Just burned out lights right? He never stole them off of the neighbors???

I was leaning toward number 2 being false until reading story three. I just don't see how that deer could have managed to have a tree hanging out it's ass end without being hounded by all the village rabbits! I think he would have been pecked to death.

That witch must have been pretty hideous if seeing her breasts was traumatic.

I don't care if it's true or not but damn it happened sometimes. Lucky men experienced that miracle I think . So I'll go for story #1. If it's true, you will now a Saint to me because you prove to me that miracles happened. lol

If only things like that happened more often eh. Is dave a saint or full of his own fantasies?

First, full of fantasies but we never know, right?haha

It must be a nice sight to see. And can you imagine how many man points i lost if its true. Someone take away Dave's mancard! Or maybe i am a perfect gentleman and was loyal to my girlfriend at the time.

What about you Nightmare. You ever cone across a gaggle of naked women?

Lets see three stories of your own! Make me guess which ones the lie.

I experienced it often in my dreams. lol

Well, there are nice guys who would do that for sure. It's not about being a man or something. It's just about being truthfully inlove. At first, they will laugh but then they will realise how amazing guy you were because of refusing the grace in your face. Anyway, hahahaha I don't what kind of stories I will make. I'm currently doing something, maybe later. Good initiative tho.

Awright, here we go.

  1. In my younger years I attended college in Calgary. Like most college students I was already pretty cash-starved, but this one year I absolutely and completely mis-managed all my money and mis-budgeted from the get-go and ended up with not enough to pay rent. With about two months left in the semester - too late to drop classes and too swamped to get a job (the horror!) - I moved out of the house and into... my car, an old 1976 Oldsmobile Cutlass. I spent the last two months of the semester sleeping in the backseat or in one of the study halls, showering in the gymnasium changing rooms, and eating little more than crackers. Ultimately I passed the semester; barely.

  2. Those that know me know that I have two longish scars on my left wrist from when I flew off a gas powered dirt-bike in junior high school and shattered my wrist in two parts, requiring plates and screws to be applied to keep it together to heal. Fast forward to a few years back when I was in a job position that involved hiring people. Three of us who were going to conduct the interview were waiting for the interviewee to show up and I decided to share my biking story. One of the others in the group decided to one-up me and explained his motorbiking accident. The young-just-out-of-college-HR-associate walked the potential candidate into the interview room just as my colleague was explaining - in great detail, mind you - just how he had managed to rip open his scrotum and needing his friends at the time to help him stem the bleeding until they could get him to help. (I ended up not hiring the candidate)

  3. I used to own a pure white Siberian Husky with gorgeous blue eyes. She was a beautiful dog and I loved her to death. Well, ultimately, she did pass on, and it tore me up inside. I was a wreck. I buried her in the back yard and bawled my eyes out. It was raining that morning, I remember it clearly. Days went by and I was useless. Several days after her passing I thought I heard something in the backyard in the evening. Sticking my head out I saw, right where she was buried, what looked like another white dog sniffing at the ground. I got my shoes on to go look but, by the time I got out there, the dog was nowhere to be seen. My wife felt that the dog was trying to find where the dog-smell-from-the-ground was coming from.

Oh damn, damn, They all sound true! I've done a variation on each.

I'm going with the obvious. #2. I think you did have the dirt bike wreck (I've had a couple myself) and you sat in a bar to hear the tale of the torn scrotum and the barmaid was who heard the end of the story. To make matters worse your friend took her home that night so she could see the scars for herself.

Besides, it's the longest. We ALWAYS embellish our 'misdirections' more than the truth.

Nicely done, Victor!

Hahaha! I was actually pondering some purposeful misdirection. You may or may not be correct! And that's a factual statement. 😃

Well, it's always good to be factual, even when you are lying! Ahahahahaha

So the actual falsehood is story 3. I did have the dog, she did pass away, and I did bury her in the backyard. But I made a point of burying her deep enough that no odors would escape. Some day, though, after I sell, someone is going to dig up the yard to plant something and get a helluva surprise.

A great initiative Dave, I hope a few get behind it...A good chance to have some fun and get engaged with a few others as well! Nice work mate, way to go supporting the community and engagement!

Its all in good fun brother! Hopefully some folks join in and start telling their tall tales in the comments.

Yep...I will have a go too, but won't win my own hive of course. Lol.

Welcome to join in! Have fun!

Three things, two truthful...

  1. I used to sleep walk and one night my dad found me out side, about to jump off the top of a flight of concrete steps leading up to the front of the house thinking I was about to dive into a swimming pool. (I was having a dream). Had he not stopped me I might have done some serious damage.)

  2. I once bit down into a styrofoam swimming kick-board thing, held it there and jumped into the pool...The board floated, I didn't...And it cracked four of my teeth off with it.

  3. When in Monaco we went to the Grand casino and I had a go at roulette. I ended up winning 1000 Euro but got greedy and ended up losing it all again, and the 50 Euro I started with.

Hmmm. This raises some questions. Is G-Dog the type to gamble. Has he uploaded a pic of him smiling I can inspect for clues on story number two.

I've seen sone guys do crazy stuff sleepwalking. In fact that reminded me of a story i can share about Hankey the drunken foreign exchange student back in high school.

Hmmm. If I had to guess I'm thinking either 1 or 3 is the lie. Number 2 sounds like something youd only know could happen if it actually had. So im thinking number 2 is real.

Hmm story one or three.... I think you wouldn't gamble away your money. At least not these days.

So I think number three is the fib. Gunna see wgat other commenters think about your stories.

All will be revealed in time...

Yep, well played...I'm not a gambler although when there we had a go on the roulette. Losing 50 Euro was enough for me...We stopped.

Number 2 is true though for sure...Here's the post I wrote about it.


So. I think the carefully prepared @galenkp planned to lose 50 Euro at the Casino in Monte Carlo for part of the story. It'd be like an admission fee to him.

I did the sleep walk thing when I was a kid so totally buy number 1

Therefore #2 is bullshit. I think he lost the teeth playing linebacker.

Haha sorry @bigtom13, number 3 is false...Number 2 is completely true. I lost money at Monaco, there were no winnings...But yeah cracked my teeth off in the pool by biting down on the kickboard and jumping in. Story below...I posted about it a while ago.


Well. There you go. At least I'm better at stacking shit than I am at being a lie detector! Ahahahaa


Haha, all will be revealed at some stage tomorrow.

These are good! And all without the realm of possibility. I've gotta think about this.

  1. I have a son who used to have vivid dreams and night terrors, and I used to catch him roaming the house still asleep, so I can see this one being true.
  2. Hmmmmm. Maybe.
  3. I can see this happening, too. Fun people enjoy gambling. Wise people prepare to lose what they came with and nothing more, so I can see this being true.

By my own deduction, I shall accuse story 2 of being false!

Story 2, in the pool, with the kick-board.

(sorry, was playing Clue last night)

Haha, this is an example of a great logical mind at work. So...I'll tell you which one is correct later, but I like the logic applied here very much. Stay tuned.

Ok @wwwiebe so the falsity is indeed number 3! I'm not a gambler although when we were there I did lose 50 Euro on the roulette...Seemed the right thing to do, all things considered. There were no winnings! Lol.

The kickboard swimming pool thing...True...Yes, I was an idiot. Here's the post I wrote about it.


Absolutely a great contest idea. I'm going to need to rack this old brain of mine to see if I have absolutely anything that even comes close to that!

Doesn't have to be close. Or even crazy. Just three stories and ones a lie. The more plausible they are the harder they are to figure out which ones the imposter.

We look forward to your stories. And to see which one of mine you think is not true

I'm still giving my stories some thought! Struggling with this. As for yours, I'm thinking that Story 1 is the tall tale; that just never happens. Never. I hope. Because it has never happened to me. Dude, if this one is real, I'm going to be super jealous.

And waking up to a celebrity or seeing ufos like clockwork on every fishing trip is any more believable? I tell you if number 1 is true then im the biggest wus ever. I mean what guy would walk away from that? You sure the ufo story isn't the fake one. Or maybe the unnamed celebrity.

I wanna hear your stories! Tell us some tall tales! They don't have to be as elaborate as mine. Maybe just some simple facts.

Come on mate, get those cogs turning...If you smell a slight burning smell it's ok...Situation normal. Lol.

Haha! More than a slight burning smell, I assure you. Been thinking about this all day!

When flames appear you've thought too much. 🤣

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Thanks @hlezama and @galenkp for the reblogs! 🍺

Great initiative 👍

You should join in, you might find a little more exposure for your account by doing so.

I didn't have so much talent but really would love to

Ah ok, fair enough.

Damn Sam. I really want number one to be true. Beautiful women (with or without clothing) intimidate me. I need to get to know them a bit before I can be comfortable around them. I'd make an excuse and go for that reason.

Two and three sound like the real deal to me (which almost certainly means one is the lie. That Dave is a clever fellow).

Hell, I think I might know the lake so I'm saying #2 is bullshit.

Interesting so number one doesn't sound too fantastical to you.

All three are plausible of course. You say you've been to a lake where UFOs fly around constantly? Now that's intruiging. I'd like yo hear about that story sometime.

3 Stories:

Number 1
When I was 13 I got a 2 year old half Arab half Quarter horse. She was a Palomino Mare and the Arab half was registered. She was green broke and I spent a year training her. When I was 14 we went to help a neighbor with his spring roundup. The neighbor had a kid my age who had a big roan Quarter horse. We had about 5 miles to ride to get back to their place in the evening so the kid and I decided to race home. My horse got the bit and I was completely out of control. She ran right through a 4 strand barbed wire fence. So with all the other things I've done to myself the worst crash I had was on a fucking horse.

Number 2
When I was a kid I shoveled so much shit that I was completely immune to it. I literally shoveled hundreds of tons every year. I was skinny as a rail, but I grew up one strong SOB. My freshman year in High School the coach hung a nickname on me that stuck for a while. It was a relief situation and he called me in from first base for my first ever varsity pitch. He knew I'd be nervous so he looked at me and said in a fairly loud voice "Pilot: Get in here and finish this game." Pilot? WTF did that mean? I asked him between innings and he allowed that it had to do with my reputation for shoveling shit. Pile it here, Pile it there.

Number 3

I was about 30 years old when I got my Springer Spaniel pup. The breeder was a friend of mine and when he bred his bitch he sold me a pup. I got second choice of the litter (the owner of the stud got first choice). I saw those pups on the second day of life when I helped my friend dock their tails. I saw them at least weekly for 7 weeks when the stud owner showed up to take his pup. I just knew he was going to take the big male that I wanted so I just hated going up there. He picked a really likely looking little bitch and I had my dog. Turned out to be my best dog ever. I swear to God the dog understood English at least as well as I did. Tough bastard, too. Killed a badger one on one.

Those are all good, and I can see those stories all coming from you as legitimate. However... Number 2 was the only one you didn't really swear about, so I'm thinking that's the fib.

Damn Tom all three of those sound truthful to me. For number two what kind of job would a kid have that involved shoveling actual shit? You worked in a pig farm or something?

I say number 1 is fake. Partly because i wouldn't want a horse to run full steam into a barbwire fence.

The problem with you is that all of these could be totally legit, they're all believable.

I'm going to go with number one as the porky pie (Lie.)

I'll let you know tomorrow. I promise to have the results in time for your return to work Monday. It's the 14 hour thing.

Haha, deal.

So. I might take off a little early so I'm going to own my lie before @galenkp is up for work.

#2 is the lie. I shoveled my share of horse shit, chicken shit, cow shit and pig shit, but it wasn't thousands of tons, it was normal farm kid shoveling. I was skinny and whip strong but it was from moving water pipes. I wasn't a particularly good pitcher and didn't throw a pitch in a game until I was a junior in a blow out game....

That joke was pretty common when I was in High School, BTW :) Congratulations Victor!


Wow so number two was the lie! I was fooled! Good job! I'll be posting thewinners inna few minutes including which story of mine was a lie.

This is really cool, what an interesting topic idea that could become routine perhaps! Thanks to you and Galen for putting this together!

The women story, number one, sounds like the one that never happened, as much as we would love to think it did!

Hmm let’s see, two facts and one lie?

Story number one:
I didn’t go to the bars much with expectations of meeting women when I was younger. I would go with friends and feign the guy thing but it wasn’t my scene, I wasn’t very good at meaningless conversation that was kind of forced. One night though, I went to a bar with a friend and it was different. We met with some friends and they had friends with them so we all started talking. I hit it off with one and they had to go so naturally I had to get her number. What did she give me? Her business card! It was the strangest but coolest thing I had encountered!

Story number 2:
When we were teenagers we had some friends that were older and would buy us beer and stuff. We would party up in the woods and have a pretty fun time. One night, it got pretty rowdy and we ended up lighting a couch on fire! I had gotten kind of bored of it and they were getting a bit too dangerous for my liking so I had left and walked home. Not even 10 minutes after I had started walking down the street the cops showed up and arrested everyone at the party! I barely escaped with my clean record!

Story number 3:
I had worked with my dad in peoples houses for a number of years doing electrical work. We would see some pretty cool things here and there but this one house in a nice neighborhood was crazy! I was in the attic waiting for a wire to come up when I was exploring a bit and saw a hole in the chimney on the back. Curiosity got me and I looked in to see what was there and there was a bunch of voodoo dolls with some crazy satanic stuff tucked away, with peoples items on the dolls. The family that owned the house for a long time was a seemingly normal looking one with good jobs. I didn’t know what the hell to do so I just put it back and never told my dad!

Which one is the lie? Let’s see if you can figure it out!

Hey man! Glad you liked the idea. I'll ge doing it weekly from now on. Its a fun time for sure.

Number 1 & 2 sound plausible to me. Even number three but if i had to choose id lay number three is the lie. But man if its not who knows what that stuff is doing up in that families chimney. Could be some other contractor cursed them and put it there ond time to bring them bad luck.

Sorry for the late reply, busy busy!

I think I may have an issue with telling lies, you figured it out! Number 3 is indeed something that never happened lol

Really awesome concept though, it's a lot of fun!

Ill be doing it again next week tune in then! And have your lies ready!

They are all really believable for me.

I had a friend who didn't like the small talk so he'd always say he was gay (he wasn't even close) but most nights some girl would take the mission to 'straighten my friend out'. He got laid a lot and didn't have to waste much time at the hunt, either.

I had a couple of close calls, but no one I know ended up leaving high school with a clean record. I'm going to call BS on #2.

Haha thanks for checking it out! It was actually number 3, the other two did really happen!

Number two was pretty sketchy, learning that everyone got arrested for it. The court system made a lot of money off my friends and they had to deal with it for about a year! Glad I escaped by the skin of my teeth lol

Ugggghhh. My dog has co parents and in the fullness of life got to spend a summer in Wisconsin. They had lost their lab 3 years prior and buried her on the property. Erv planted some daffodils over her. When Sam got there 3 years later he treated that place with respect. He walked around it and occasionally stopped to smell. I might not have believed the story but I stayed at their place for a week with Sam that summer (they had a big family deal going on and it was a great ride for me) and I saw his behavior myself.

So nicely done. Fooled me completely.