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other evidence that I would love to use against you! As i said... you have just copied the link I have mentioned in my post... are you thinking to be smart? Read what Plagiarism means... ANY NEWS THAT HAS NOT STATED THERE IS COPYRIGHT IN IT, CAN BE USED, REWORDED AS MUCH WE WANT AS FAR WE MENTION THE SOURCE AND THE LINK. I have done so in the disclaimer... before attacking me I would suggest you to read the LEGAL meaning of what you are accusing me... and just because you might be reading some legal meaning... check also harassment as I am providing all the evidences to my lawyer now! This comment too! Do not worry... there is no need of deleting it.. I have already taken a screenshot! Have a good day buddy!

Nothing can be deleted! It's the blockchain. As for legalities......

Your quote to me in CAPITALS...


But from Cointelgraphs Terms of Service....

  1. Rights of use

In accessing and using the Website you agree that you may only download the content, including text, pictures, graphics, video, audio material, software or any other form, of the Website or any portion of it
(“Content”), for your own personal non-commercial use.

Except as set out above, you are not permitted to copy, reproduce, duplicate, broadcast, download, store (in >any medium), transmit, resell, show or play in public, adapt or modify in any way the Content for any other >purpose whatsoever without the prior written permission of Cointelegraph.

All intellectual property rights, including copyright in the Content accessible (or available for download) belong to Cointelegraph. All rights are hereby reserved.

Don't worry. I'm not the sort of person to go running to lawyers, making accusations. As far as I'm concerned, what goes on the chain, stays on the chain.
The content we post here is monetised so are you sure you have spun the articles enough from their original state to not fall foul of European copyright law?

So before you go all-out Perry Mason, perhaps it's time to reflect.....Take a walk, post some pictures of Wales, it's beautiful and relaxing there.

You have a good day too buddy!

honestly I like your answer! So I will reply that during my lunch break I will definitely go out and take the most of this beautiful day. Regarding what you wrote before by law any news published online/on paper can be modified, used for information purposes like I am doing as long as I mention the source and also this is done!
Kind regards,

Respect. It's a difficult point of law is fair-use copyright simply because we do earn real money from it! As I said, for me, what goes on-chain, stays on the chain it's the reason I love decentralised social media so in my personal opinion, actually Emailing the original writer is not such a wise move.
Which part of my post do you specifically object to please?

I have always been polite with you in all the way I could. Now I have a black mark on my nickname because you have been harassing me and therefore any post I will write will create problems to me and whoever will vote me. As you have learned fair-use is what I have been doing so far and I am glad you have recognised. It is a grey area and I am not playing with it... I like to share info I have found interesting in the large amount published every day. I pick 1 every day and I re-word it as much I like in order to have it easier to understand. I have written in the disclaimer everything I am legally required to do so being attacked even if I have done everything I could is not fair and I believe nobody likes it... am I wrong? I have been checking your posts since your day 1 and I have seen many 20 words posts but I have been attacked for 250-600 words posts with high reward.

It is absolutely not fair use as it is being monetised! And I stand by my opinion that you are doing nothing more than spinning other peoples work to farm rewards!

I have no influence on how others vote and I think you are insulting them if you think they cannot make up their own mind. Others have downvoted you a lot in the past I have just seen, is that due to my 'harassment' too?

but I have been attacked for 250-600 words posts with high reward

Reward disagreement is a grey area but I downvoted you primarily because of you simply reposting someone else's work! You add zero opinion, zero additional value and then try to make it sound acceptable by posting a 'disclaimer'!
You are monetising and making money from someone else's work and that is wrong. It's that simple. You said before you have been a member for a long time. You know what you're doing but are now attempting to look like the injured party.
Don't forget that rewards are not yours until they are in your wallet. Anyone here can choose what to upvote or downvote, it's the very basis on which this blockchain is founded.

The number of words does not value a post, it's what the words say and their originality that does.

I did not give you a black mark against your name. We are all judged by what we post. Take some personal responsibility.

If you genuine wished to share someone else's work, then why not decline or limit reward? Post a link using @dbuzz and limit the payout to $1?

Please cut the BS and talk straight. You're here to farm the rewards and make money. You follow a curation trail with an auto voter that votes after the optimal 4m30s, you don't comment or read anyone else's posts! So at least be straight up about it.

So now we know where we stand. Community matters here. They decide. Not me, or Marky or anyone else. None of us are 'owed' anything here.

Post nice pictures of whales with some personal commentary, I might upvote. Post zero effort, spun Cointelegraph articles, I might downvote. Thats how its going to be.

As for what you do, that's your choice too, such is the beauty of this blockchain we are both using.

Seriously, have a great lunch break. I miss Greggs!

I don't like Greggs.. I rather prefer to have other stuffs LOL. Your is a fair point and I will not comment further on that. I stop writing news then... I can save time and it will be better for me and my name if that is seen in a bad way but seriously I have been spending time writing stuff like an idiot and not using tools as you said in the past. Anyway the mass has spoken and I have been penalised for that. I do apologise and I will go ahead!
Have a good one and to be honest I would love a pad thai or green curry rather than Greggs :)

PS The guy who wrote this article is Greg Thompson. Why not Email him and ask his opinion on your spun version?
This is his Email address:

I ll do it!

Make sure to grab some Tezos, Ubisoft just struck a deal with them for NFTs in games.

cheers @phusionphil I will grab some :)

Make sure to bake it, aka stake it.

Great tip thanks, off to grab some 😉👍

Make sure to bake it, commonly known as staking on other coins.

Thanks buddy, sure will 😎🙏

Please note that this post is a re-worded version of this article

@jphamer1 @kevinwong @gringalicious @edicted @pouchon may want to reconsider voting for it.

Thanks to @nathen007 for the heads up.

WAIT A SECOND!!!! First of all... I have a disclaimer where I write down that I use MY WORDS to write an article already published. Plagiarism is a big word! I would first ask you @steevc to read what I wrote down also in the disclaimer where I write I have written the source of my post, I have written the LINK to the post I have read and rewarded using my own words so before saying I have done any kind of plagiarism I would ask you to go and read the meaning of it.
If you search it, any news written online that has not the copyright on it can be reworded as much I want using my own words and all I need to do is to mention in my post the source.... THING THAT I HAVE DONE. so Before accusing anyone of Plagiarism go and read the meaning of the word!!!!

I did not say plagiarism. I did see your 'disclaimer', but some may not notice. I think it would be better to have a big banner at the top of your posts saying 'this is not totally my own work'. You say you are making the articles easier to understand, but the changes seem minimal to me. Changing the odd words looks like an attempt to avoid plagiarism detectors (a common technique). What percentage of words on the post are your own?

Coin Telegraph

The stakes have been upped for Cardano and Polkadot, with the two networks continuing to dominate the staked capitalization rankings.


Cardano and Polkadot's stakes have been raised, and the two networks continue to lead the staked capitalisation rankings.

I expect there are tools to do that automatically. You could have written something totally fresh, but it looks like copying is involved.

You benefit from the support of some big accounts. I was not sure if they were aware of what you are doing. It is their choice to vote as they like, but I think the rewards are excessive and am using my votes to redistribute them.

absolutely fine! You can downvote me as much you think is right to do. I read the article and I modify the post using Office Word. Would you tell me that what I wrote isn't easier to understand? I have been attacked by that guy that has created even a post where he has directly attacked me. Being in England (same country as myself) I would be careful on what he is accusing or he could also be contacted by my lawyer as a comment or two make me smile... keeping doing this is harassment @nathen007 (tagged so he knows what will be my next action).
Creating a disclaimer with a header3 should be enough to inform people. I have been heavily downvoted (accept this) but also heavily attacked with no bases. Comments and even a Post where he hasn't refused the reward (if he wanted to alert people he was supposed to write a comment not a post where he is also charging HIVE for this). Evidences have been already taken... will see what will happen!
Nothing against you @steevc , you don't know me and clearly you have believed that person. Kind regards,

Well thanks for engaging in a reasonable way with me on this. Hive can be a free-for-all, but we should be aware that actions can have consequences. I've had threats from various people for doing what I think is right. My priority is trying to make Hive better. If Coin Telegraph were to join what would they think of your posts?

Live well and be well.

You are more than welcome @steevc as said I have nothing against you. I have seen you are in UK too and I hope you have a lovely weather like I have here in the northern area :)
Said so... if you read few news written by cointelegraph in some it is stated they have taken info from other sources. As you can see legally (before doing anything I have read carefully the policy) Any new published online/on paper can be used and reworded as long as you mention the source of your info. I have said it was on cointelegraph and I have mentioned the link of the author of it. Now if you want to punish me for re-wording with my words in an easy to understand phrases then ok.. feel free to do it. What I am asking you is... not having evidences (as I write down on a WORD doc after work and then publish it that is why I always write at 7pm) would you really think it is enough downvoting someone in this massive way just based on what someone else is saying? Just consider what I am saying and take you conclusion... that in any case will be accepted by me.

Answering to your question, if CT will come here, will check my posts, I don't use their photos/drafts, I entirely reword their posts, I mention the source and I provide the link of it... legally they cannot be upset about it.

I hope this will answer your query and I wish you a lovely day. I have to come back to work now :)

Staking is another way to earn with the issuance
of new tokens.
You are part of the winning team.
Got me thinking about Hive in the long term
even though it is not the same scenario or subject.
Crypto after all.

well if you read the new about Hive and HBD HF then you will see a different/better scenario long term.

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