Alexa Ranking for "" surges High from September 1, 2020: How far can we go?

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While the growth of the Leofinance community and LEO token within the Hive ecosystem is commendable, we must not loose sight of the global value of the LEO token, the Leofinance community and Hive as a blockchain. LEO, being a token which represents cryptocurrency, finance and technology must hold-up itself to that value indeed in the global space. This would be achieved when the community earns recognition outside the Hive blockchain.

It would be awesome that in the near future, when one searches for the word "blockchain, cryptocurrency, finance, technology", leofinance contents be seen among top searches. I'm hoping that contents created via the leofinance end would someday compete with what is obtainable in cointelegraph.

I remember the sad experience I had last week trying to google about a dapp within the leofinance ecosystem and yet, searches could not link up with leofinance quick enough. This shows the depths of work to be done in creating some more traffic to Leofinance websites to improve its global ranking.

According to Alexa blog, the measure of a website's popularity is termed "Alexa rank". Alexa ranks millions of websites in order of popularity, with an Alexa Rank of 1 being the most popular. This shows that the bigger the numerical figure of the Alexa rank, the lesss popular the website.

A proprietary methodology that combines a site’s estimated traffic and visitor engagement over three months (90 days) are the indices with which Alexa rank is calculated. Traffic and engagement are estimated from the browsing behavior of people in our global panel, which is a sample of all Internet users.

Alexa rank is important in the sense that it provides you high-level data with how traffic and engagement fare. This data allows you to get a better understanding of your site and a general idea of what to work on to improve your 'popularity. ' Knowing your Alexa ranking is a good start.

It became necessary that I periodically check the alexa ranks of the Hive websites tat I frequently use to create my contents. I do this because I want my contents to be valuable to many out there who are not yet on Hive and this would be possible when the Hive websites becomes popular. A good alexa rank shows to a great extent the power of a community of people that patronizes a particular website.

Yesterday, just before @leofinance published this post which detailed how Leofinance Users and Ad Revenue Hit All Time Highs. The content of the post was only a confirmation of the statistics I discovered about I took screenshots of the sighted sharp rise in the traffic that the finance website gains over the past 90 days.

The image above shows that the steep rise in traffic to started in September 1, after a long 75 days of undulating though gradual rise. This was about the time that the first announcement of wrapped LEO was made. See here. This announcement unveiled the possibility of LEO becoming the first Hive token (built on the second layer of Hive blockchain) to be transacted on the Ethereum blockchain.

The introduction of wHIVE showcased what is possible when you create a bridge between blockchains. Now, you can wrap your HIVE tokens and utilize wHIVE for ETH-based protocols like the Uniswap DEX.

That innovation was a response to the DeFi craze that rocked the cryptocurrency world in the month of August. That update had quickened the trust of investors on LEO token and many who were not really engaging Leofinance nor earning LEO, decided to have a taste.

The LeoAd special report post also confirmed to show that the news about LEO rocked the crypto sphere and many new visitors decided to take a peak of the innovation. Thanks to all the influencers within the Leofinance community.

Google is our #2 source of traffic outside of Hive. One thing that I and a few other LeoFinance users who track the data are excited about is the continual increase in Google traffic. This means that content created from our interface is continuing to rank well on search engines. This is one of the driving reasons for manually curating evergreen content with the @leo.voter account.


After a few days of sharp rise, the population of users on the leofinance interface started levelling up as we see in the chart below. This however raised the Leofinance rank on Alexa to top 480,405 websites in the internet space. Looking at the ride through the popularity chart shows a huge improvement. I am sure that when wLEO finally comes live tomorrow, there will be more motivation to engage the leofinance community more.

I am hopeful that a hive websites would join among the top 50,000 websites soon and that would be leofinance. Let's keep pushing, building and engaging the community.


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You could overlay the LEO price chart on top of the Alexa chart and the Google analytics chart and see the correlation. All signs pointing one way for LeoFinance at the moment. UP.

Thanks for sharing the Alexa info - its great to see the progress being made.

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Also keep in mind that following the rebranding from SteemLeo, the domain is still relatively new. This definitely has an effect on Alexa and SEO rankings.

Great to see that we're trending in the right direction though. Just gotta keep getting those links and writing outward facing, original content.

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Up Leofinance.

I wish many users wouldn't just come on leo because of the news of the rise but because the want to build a stable value base for the token.

Just a few days ago a few thought came into my mind about how we can build leofinance to become a major search engine for contents about finance, blockchain, cryptocurrency and technology.

It would be awesome that in the near future, when one searches for the word "blockchain, cryptocurrency, finance, technology", leofinance contents be seen among top searches.

It's good to know that someone else is already seeing the same thing am seeing.

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