Some Tips For Leofinance Newbies On How to Get Noticed More (And Help Leofinance Grow too!)

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Leo price is exploding and not surprisingly, the userbase is exploding as well. So if you are a noob, here are some tips to help you get noticed:

1.Share your posts on the Leofinance subreddit at -> This helps both the platform grow but also will bring more eyes on your account. I know a couple leo whales check these posts, and that includes me.

2.Share your posts on twitter and tag the official leofinance account! This will increase your chances for your post to be curated by the leo team and other whales. And it also helps with bringing more traffic to Don't forget to use related tags and engage with other leofinancers! Here's an example of a tweet of mine. Let me know if you thing I can do better!


Don't worry if your twitter account is small! Just engage with other hivers and you will get plenty of engagement back! My account is small too, yet just look how many times my account pops at the twitter ref stats of leofinance:

3.Post stuff that you actually enjoy or know about. I see many people posting wiki-like articles like "what is gold" or "what is trade" or whatever just to "qualify" for the tribe. Nobody wants to read shit like that. Just post personal, finance related stuff that actually interest you. And no, you don't have to write an essay. Click here and here for some ideas! It's easier than you might think to find a topic or two!

4.Join the leo discord and engage with the rest of the community. Duh.

5. Make sure to use to publish your posts. It helps a lot with the SEO of leofinance and your posts will also appear in the #leo-finance-post-stream of the LEO discord that many whales check when curating.

And that's it! As you can see all these tips will help you get more votes but will also help leofinance grow more in users and traffic. And the more traffic it gets, the more ad revenue is generated. Which means more buy pressure and burns for leo tokens. Which means higher prices, which attract more users. And the cycle repeats!

To the moon!

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The only thing I haven't been doing is use the Leo sub Reddit, but then thanks, I'll just about check that out. Leo is exploding, I'm even hearing about a $2 scenario for the price.

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If Leo gets to $2, I'm going to travel to Greece and kiss @trumpman's ass for 2 weeks. !ENGAGE 20

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Lol I'll exactly do the same too, $2? That's not even small at all.

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So, i came back.
Will be on Leo for now

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Great tips. I think number 3 is more for me. I'm getting too official with my LEO posts.
Have some !BEER

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Thanks @trumpman!I will follow these tips.

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Nice tips!
I will think of a few more things and create a similar post :P
Thanks for referencing my previous blog!

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plz do!

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Very useful tips for newbies and the Leo community!

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Great guide you shared here.

Nobody wants to read shit like that. Just post personal, finance related stuff that actually interest you. And no, you don't have to write an essay

You can loud this again and again.

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Έκανα comment έτσι απλά για να κάνω. 🤣

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Some sweet tips for cross-promo, let me pop one out and give it a go, shall we? As the LEO kitty grows in value, perhaps we can do some paid ads targeting fit twitt and fin facebook users.

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some paid ads targeting fit twitt and fin facebook users.

I think khal has this in plans ^_^

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Thanks a lot @trumpman!!

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But one need to write only finance / crypt related posts, right ? I mean, we cannot or should not publish our other posts here ?

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@Sanjeevm LeoFinance's niche is basically about finance and the cryptocurrency universe. Subjects outside this context will make you be flagged so stay tuned for what you want to blog about.

You don't need to be an expert in finance, I'm sure you have some experiences on how to handle your money at home for example. If only yourself and things will flow naturally.

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Best tips as usual ! Lets Moon this coin !

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Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I just logged in after about five days and I see the new interface and the pumped price.

I am still getting used to how things look.

Good tips.

You are correct, it is not just about writing good posts, it is about promoting them as well.

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Thanks for this! I've not been doing a whole lot of these. I'll try using the subreddit and the other tips

@trumpman, thank you for the tips! It was very useful to read, since I am trying to become very active on Leofinance.

Look, I have a question. On a daily basis I post two videos (Cryptocurrency Market analyses) - one via 3Speak and one via DTube. Is there some integration between LeoFinance and 3Speak/Dtube?

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Great way to bring exposure and awareness for the posts and LEO Finance community all over.
This improves LEO Finance backlinks and overall SEO and as well should bring more members and promote better the writings.

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Nice tips to get noticed!
Leo indeed is booming


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You have just been bro-fisted by the guys in the man cave and now have 1 more BRO. Enjoy!**

For more info, please give us a look in here:


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thanks for the tip. I follow most of them already, well except the Reddit tip. Discord isn't my thing but i will stop by occasioally

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No clue what they do on Reddit but yeah, let's be shilling

But I like writing essays :((

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It is just link sharing of "leofinance" post in reddit sub.

So you can write essay here and announce in Reddit that you have written essay in Leofinance

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