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RE: Demystifying HIVE: Expectations

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Wrong expectations tend to lead to disappointment. There are only so many rewards to go around. A lot of these will go in auto votes to the same old people, so new people have to fight for the rest. You may get lucky and get noticed by a curator, but really you need to work to be seen. That means engaging with people. Ideally you need to find those who are actually interested in what you do. I tend to vote up music, comics and tech as those are things I like to see here. Just don't use up all your good content before you get an audience as you only have 7 days to earn on it (which is a problem with the system).

I would also say make it fun so you want to come back. Fill your feed with content you enjoy as you would on other platforms. Give it votes even if they are tiny, but your comments may be appreciated.

Hive is not 'fair', but there is potential to earn if you can find the right approach. It took me months before I made much and a lot of my posts made nothing.


and a lot of my posts made nothing.

LOL, makes me wonder how I got going. If it wasn't for you..., but I have said this all before.

What I do online has been mostly for fun since long before Steem or even Tsu. I saw the potential of this blockchain stuff from the start and thought it was worth persisting with. I've had lots of great experiences from it. Of course the money helps and I have spent a fair bit. For now I am just powering up.

I've had lots of great experiences from it.

..and lots of laughs too, such as @katharsisdrill and his Bidbotophant!, I was just thinking about that this morning.. and was falling over laughing at the time. Did he ever do a Spamophant, I could use that for those swimming posts.