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88% of holders were hoping to see #BTC reaching $17k
today and keep the momentum into the green. The reality
is a double sword. 12% think, it is time to take profit.
0% think BTC will never reach $20k by end of the year.


Apparently nobody believes them cause this thing is rolling
in a non-stop linear. It seems now acceptable for BTC to rise
and put a break to the crazy inflation we are about to see.
Risk taker always gets the worm. Having to take the decision
to jump long time ago is what pays the bill.

Now this is powerful, if you purchased bitcoin this year as
daily cost average, you will lose on the days, just 33 of them.
It means you are earning on 287 days of the year, knowing
we have 45 days to go till 2021.
So you guess the math, why it is very logical to #hodl your satoshis
dearly. As a whole the mindset will reverse on itself and btc will
reach the milestone to balance the monetary system.

If you are a strong believer for a while, you should have a stake
somewhere. If you are becoming a fan, keep a stash in a safe wallet
and count your days.
Today is a remembrance for tolerance. I could say it is a day to understand
some people will always believe gold will always be the standard
in a world wholly digitized to accept bitcoin as the new trend
in society.

Got to give it for #LEO team for believing in their dreams. Soon
we will have twitter like leo and it will bring another wave
of users to the blockchain.
It is incredible and indispensable to see our life without this blockchain
and mostly this accordion of people.
Without you, hope will be merely a line in this post.
So stay safe and keep stacking satoshis.

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Well said about where you'd be if you DCA'd this year. We've seen great gains but still not a bad time to pick some up if you haven't yet in my humble opinion.

This is the beauty about bitcoin.
When you think of it, you always on the right track
and stack satoshi.
I am worried seeing at $50k and I do not have
1 btc. The race is on!

That's an excellent way to think. Know anyone willing to take a kidney from me for BTC?

I recalled when someone did that for an iPad a while back
crazy move.
For btc it is not bad at all.

Wow, congrats on the huge upvote you got! Nice chart.
I really hope HIVE rises with BTC instead of continuing to fall to new lows : (

Hive is another battle. Do not forget Hive is new as the name.
We are still competing against steem somehow.
Give it some times and you will see how far the rabbit hole goes.
buy while it is low.

The remaining 45 days has surprise package for the world of bitcoin

As of right now it is no surprise to see btc rising.
The surprise could be you and I unable
to hold and desire to take profit.
Uncertainty is fuel for crypto.

Hmmm. You are right

Interesting thing though I noticed this morning. The total market cap was 485 billion, but no 17,000 BTC. Where all that money go?
I guess it's time for an altseason...

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People are stacking on btc and not enough btc on the market.
Altcoins will rise but which one will follow btc soon.
ethereum could be a candidate.
What do you think of link?

I don't know about link. Maybe, it has grown quite a lot in price the last year. My hopes are for LTC, BAT, REQ and AVA. From all the above I give LTC the biggest chances.

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stop selling alt coins for god sake.

l remind when l bought some of Cardano in 2017, l hope ADA climb to $1