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Around a month ago you can easily get #hive for 13 cents. This price sounds really tempting
right now knowing #hive can reach more than 100% within a month. This will not be the first time
we see the rise in the value of Hive. It is something we grew accustomed with due to the trading
pattern in the exchange.

The way things are heading, the token will have more purpose building project
within the rest of the year. Start from any project the blockchain fulfil the integrity of the platform
while the designate coin allows the transfer to be made. This collaboration incorporates
the action we are witnessing today.

By March 2021, #hive will commemorate one year anniversary of pushing for #decentralization. This community
has engaged to be the place where flourish freedom, liberty and opportunity for all #hivers.
By Monday we will enter the third iteration of powering up more Hive. Now the game is changing where more
is needed from Hive to run the blockchain and all the tribes.

The need for Hive will keep on growing as the value of hive increases. February has shown the real potential
with this blockchain. You can see the action from the exchangers twice pushing the value of the token. I am
more for what are getting done to keep Hive in high esteem. We talked about #3speak plan of action to accelerate
the use of web 3.0 with video.

#Leofinance has been the tribe with the real noise maker since the beginning of the year. Price itself validates
the reason their leadership is an example to follow. With many projects inline to enter production,
Hive will be the blockchain in action. The twitter-like microblogging social media will be
an eye opener for all the Lions that want to write short post. This is the reason an airdrop will come in place
for curation purposes. In one word it is hard to mention Hive and forget about #leofinance. They roll in the same
sentence lately.

#Hive itself could benefit of a make over. The most important aspect of the blockchain should be the underlying
engine beneath its wings. Lately the blockchain is running smoothly. We have an array of front end to access the chain.
The list could be exhaustive when you include all the communities.
The beauty of #hive resides on the ability to innovate and adapt the blockchain to our needs.

So far #defi is already here in the blockchain. #hive-engine started the process and soon #leofinance will bring
to surface their version as well. This eco-system as one positive goal. Bring more to Hive and Lions, Hivers should
find the use case of it. I visited #peakd and #ecency from time to time, it could be overwhelming to see all the posts
out there. Tribe or community filters each to a point you can feel disconnect. Gladly the tribe helps and elevate us
together to grow and shine as one under the light of Hive.
Are you ready to power up Monday? Think about it.

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The 1 day chart just golden crossed on huge volume, i think we are going to double quickly. The FOMO should begin then. The depth chart on Binance looks amazing too.

If Hive ever gets down to 11 cents
I know what I am going to do.
131% IN 30 DAYS in a blockahin
I spent most of my days.


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I don't think 100% is surprising, especially with currencies rising three and four times.
If we look at Ethereum, for example, or Zil, they have increased more than 7 times
We still have a lot to accomplish

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Within 30 days is something
if you and I knew, we could buy
and sell now.
The main idea now is not 30 cents.
I am looking for $5/Hive

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$5 per hive is possible,infact it could happen before end of this year,hive is a crypto that should not be underestimated ...