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RE: Balance between Income and Expense

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This is great information in how to handle your own finances.....I was blessed to have parents who taught me the importance of handling money the right way & how to budget.

Now, of course, I still made mistakes as I got older, but I can say I have no debt & trying to keep my budget balance without severe restriction. It's more about being conscious of where your money goes & not to overdo it. I really love the book Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. It really helped me reset my thinking on handling money.

And I agree with @ph1102, they should teach this in schools so kids would have the right foundation going out in the world. It effects so many things. Thanks for this great post & keep up the awesome work :)


Yes, this should be thought of in school. I was also fortunate enough to learn this from my parents. The first initiation happened when they bought me a piggy bank. That is when I started doing my first savings. 🙂 Thanks for your comments !BEER !Cheers

Omg I remember my piggy bank :) It was an exciting thing at that age, too - my own personal bank hahah. Great memories :) Thanks for the beer! Always appreciated 💚

Yes having a piggy bank is so exciting especially at that age. That's why I also think that kids should never miss it. 🙂

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