Understanding Keywords: What are LSI Keywords and How to Find Them?

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You probably read a lot about Primary keywords and how to use it in your article. Today I will discuss about LSI keywords, which is also important to make your article SEO friendly. LSI stands for latent semantic indexing and LSI keyword means it is semantically linked to your primary keyword.

What are LSI Keywords

But to know more about LSI keyword you have to understand Keywords at first. I already discussed about keywords in my article - Keyword Research for SEO. Here's a recap for those who are new in the world of SEO, so that a newbie can easily understand the term.

Understanding Keywords

In the case of blogging, keywords are a term by which Google and other search engines can understand and know about your blog and the articles written on the blog.
Depending on the targeted keyword of your article, search engines send the right traffic or visitors to your blog.

What do we write when we search for a problem or topic in Google search?

"How do I make money online,"
"What does keyword research mean,"
"Which mobile to buy,"
"The best Android mobile,"

and a few words or phrases on Google search.

And you know, these kinds of "words" or "sentences" written in Google search are called keywords. Any keyword can be a word or a sentence of more than one word.
For example, "online income" and "online income tricks in English" are both keywords. However, keywords with more than two words can be called "key phrases."

Sounds fun! Right?

These can be short words or big sentences. Most "keywords" are nothing but a sentence of 3 to 4 words. Simply, a keyword is a complete word or phrase that means "what you are searching for by typing in Google search, bing search or yahoo search engine."

Short-Tail and Long-Tail Keywords

The short tail keywords are the keywords that contain three words or less. And if your keyword is more than 3 words than that is a long-tail keyword. For example - If you say "Egg" that will be a short-tail keyword, and if you say "Scrambled egg with butter" that will be a long-tail keyword.

long-tail keywords normally get less visitors than short-tail keywords, but have great conversion value.

Primary Keyword

The primary keyword is the main keyword of your article. This is the keyword on which you're writing your article. Your content should be focused on the main or primary keyword. If you are talking about this article, then I am writing an essay targeting the primary keyword "LSI Keyword".

LSI Keywords and their Importance

Basically, we choose a primary keyword before writing an article and then choose a secondary keywords that are also called LSI keywords. They are used to drive relevant visitors to your page. So we need to focus on secondary keywords with the main keyword to increase our visibility in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

find LSI keywords in Google search

We could find LSI keywords right in the Google Search. For example, search on Google with your main keyword and go to the bottom of the result. Let's say I searched on Google with my primary keyword "Meditation Techniques" and went to the bottom of the result page. Here you can see searches related to Meditation Techniques like - Ancient Meditation Techniques, Mindfulness Meditation Techniques, Meditation Techniques for anxiety, and so on.

find LSI keywords in Google search

Looks like Google also gave me some suggestions at the top of the results as well, like - Loving-kindness meditation, Breath awareness meditation, etc. There're lots of different suggestions for your article in Google Search. All of these are LSI related keywords.

So, if you are optimizing an article for "Meditation techniques" then you could choose Ancient Meditation Techniques, Meditation Techniques for anxiety, or Breath awareness meditation as a secondary keyword. It really depends on what the content is. But you always want to support your content with as many LSI keywords as possible. It will increase your chance to rank on Google with another keyword as well.

LSI keywords are important because suppose if you have a blog that talks about Jaguar Cars. Probably the search engine doesn't know if the website Jaguar is about the car reviews or animals. Google uses LSI keywords to understand what the page is specifically focusing on.

So if you are focusing on Jaguar cars in your content and supporting that with LSI keywords, that will allow your webpage to better communicate with Google. And the visibility of your webpage will increase in SERPs.

Latent Semantic Indexing keywords can enhance your search positioning in feature snippets as well. If you have a keyword that answers a question your content could be found in the featured snippets in Google Search. Let's go back to our Meditation example.

Your content could be featured as a snippet if you use LSI keywords

If I type in the search bar "Meditation techniques for stress" you'll see a featured snippet result in the top. It's LSI keyword I may want to use in my article. That means if I use this LSI keyword, Google has an opportunity to see what my content is about and place my information at the top as a featured snippet.

Below snippets, you will see some questions that have been asked by the people and these could be good for your content as related keyphrase. All answers are right here in Google.

LSI keywords tool

There's a great tool to find all related LSI keywords easily named LSIgraph. When I search with the main keyword "Meditation Techniques" I found all related keywords with monthly search volume (from the USA) easily. So I prefer this website so much while choosing my secondary keyword and you should try this as well.

Analysis of keywords in LSI keywords tool

I hope in this tutorial you got basic ideas about Keywords and LSI keywords. You can find all my SEO related posts under the tag #hiveseo. If you want to talk about SEO ping me on Discord.
My discord: pitboy#4591

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