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RE: Plain and simple

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need a leo to Big Mac per country index


hehe. How much is it over there?

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AUS $6.60 - USD $5.11 = 11.1 WLEO :)

is that the Big Mac menu ?with french fries and all that?

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20210122 11_10_00McDonald’s Online Delivery _ Δες εδώ όλο το μενού και παράγγειλε.png

That's 5.9 Euro or USD $7.19 = 15.64 LEO at current prices

They are killing us...I am telling ya :P

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Figure i would call around to find out for sure rather then trust internet info. $6.45 AUS just for a big mac (no fries drink etc) in Gills Plains shopping centre South Australia. Called 3 other places first they didn't answer.

exclaimer: the person who answered and provided info was probably like 12 years old so may be variances :)