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RE: Hive Posts Length | What is the average? | Is there a correlation between post length and payouts?

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As a High School English teacher, I can attest that most of the “long” posts could be edited down to half the length.

Longer equals not better.

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I fully agree with those statements!

I don't like it when people ramble or write unclearly for any other reason. I start suspecting they're hiding flaws in their thinking. In reality, it is just sloppiness in most cases. The sort of people whose thoughts go off on a tangent very easily are prone to rambling. There is no way to fix it except pause, read what has been written multiple times and only post when all the loose ends have been tied.

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The internet, by which I mean the Big driver of traffic AKA Google, favors length tho.

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That's true, which is why lengthy signatures might not be a bad idea - within reason, of course.

The creativity of Hivers is amazing. Recurring long footers will lower the content quality rating in Google's index.

You don't see them on high ranking content, do you?

I guess, not.

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A lot of times they try to make it seem like it is some "philosophical" thing that can't be grasped. Yet, there are ways to shorten even those abstracts. !ENGAGE 50

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Yep true ... agree

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