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RE: An Argument Against Bitcoin Maximalism and For Support of Altcoins and Alternative Blockchain Projects.

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Blockchain and cryptocurrency is a space for freedom and diversity. I understand that many of the coins on CMC are scams, that never release a product. But living on the shadow of fear, avoidin all things not-bitcoin blinds many people from discovering some great alternative ecossystems besides bitcoin. Hive is an example. but so is defi for instance.

Keep the good posting! Thank You!

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So many coins listed on CMC now. A lot of them are vaporware. I agree though, there are a lot of great products out there worth taking a look at. One thing about tech is, the first one to the party isn't always the last to leave. We currently have scaling issues on many projects, high tx fees, and many other issues that need to be addressed. Altcoin development helps to advance the entire industry with innovation and may find the solutions to many of the issues we currently face with development.

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