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Oh, so because a company with probably the worst CEO in crypto was terrible with its money, being terrible with the proposal funding is justified?

I would say we are now getting more for less - much more, for much less.

I would say that there is 0 evidence for that. 2 months into the new chain youre claiming wer getting "more"? More of what have we got?

The chain launched. Steem code used, some added. It got listed over the hype and the community activity. Thats all that happened.

What is the "more"??? How can you even claim that for a 2 month old chain.

Look. If you guys continue to write stupid posts (im sorry, but this post is stupid and transparent) to indirectly justify pissing away money on your friends then you do that. Its your right.

Im just warning you that by doing so you will alienate a ton of people. You risk cracking the community in a much higher degree then Justin managed to.
I know whos friends with who, Ive been here quite a while, and proposal support very much coincides with the friendships and the influentials you gravitate towards..


Same bitch, more fucking bitching.

You're clueless and uneducated. Move along child.

You don't know shit. You think you know a bunch of random stuff you picked up from reading the chain and the chats but you have absolutely no idea who is putting in what kind of hours. If you did, you'd change your tune real quick.

She doesn't care to be informed, if he were then he wouldn't have anything to bitch about for attention.

Good argument. You convinced me.😂

Btw, funny thing. I havent yet seen a single one of the guys reaching into the bag even mention expanding on accountability for proposal funding.

Im sure Howo works 8 hours a day on his continual development proposal. Im sure Netosuo works 8 hours a day on his one continual development proposal and 8 hours a day on his second continual development proposal.
Im sure Justine worked for 700 hours and we could have never got listed with someone with any kind of experience or qualifications.

Theyre all nice folks so i say we trust them.
And im the fucking dick for questioning this approach. Fine, ill be the dick, someone has to be.

Perfectly acceptable to question time and resources, it's the being the dick that i'm not sure about.

The problem is you aren’t questioning, you are just accusing. You are basing your claims on no facts, rather your uneducated and biased opinions and.. of course.. your “dev friends” and their opinion on what core blockchain developers cost. (Google does wonders here)

It’s clear all you are doing is trying to make drama for attention, as usual, and don’t want to actually help improve anything or be apart of any solution. You keep repeating accusations even when you have been shown why it’s not factual.. which means you don’t actually give a fuck, you just want a reaction.

You simply want to shit on anyone you can while you shit post and reward yourself and your friends.. while cashing out your GF’s account.

So since you feel everyone should just do stuff for Hive out of the kindness of their heart, what are you doing? How will you be contributing to the core runnings of the ecosystem?

Perhaps stop throwing stones and come up with solutions.

I look forward to your core development and exchange/jack of all trades proposal.. since apparently you have it all figured out.

I look forward to your core development and exchange/jack of all trades proposal.. since apparently you have it all figured out.

Sure i do.
While all you have been jacking each other off so you can reach into the HIVE bag and "get payd" i went against the most popular folks on HIVE and started the discussion about increasing responsibility over the HIVE fund which led to numerous posts in response and devs scrambling to justify the use of their funding these last few days. All that in the time of major hype and support for those that established themselves as "community leaders".

See, i dont need whales to like me, nor do i have to work to develop relationships with individuals i dont like (like some folks i know do), nor do i need to make friends with individuals with "big sticks" just so i have protection on that side as well, just to do something.

You simply want to shit on anyone you can while you shit post and reward yourself and your friends.. while cashing out your GF’s account.

  1. I do not shitpost nor do i post frequently.
  2. My friends? I delegate a 1000 HP to c-squared and vote their reblogs every day. Its most of what i vote.
  3. Bringing up my wife and how she uses her funds? A cunt move, but fine. What someone does with their money is no ones business. Just like it was not anyones business when you sold all your STEEM for Bitcoin, praised it like it was the second coming of Christ and shit on everyone (even those that will vote your proposal) while we were fighting to take down Justin Sun.

Ha, so you made a post.. and other people built a blockchain. Well done. And here you are shitting on people.. how mighty of you.

I’ve not shit on anyone, and am very open on the issues I’ve seen in the system since long before JS. In fact I tried to tell you about them and you bashed me for not being a team player.. I tried to say I didn’t like the direction.. and you bashed me for not just sticking with the team (see a theme here), so I decided to just stick with my curation and leave the rest alone, after all if I’m not inline with consensus I have the option to just step back, which I did... and then when JS took over I spent my time trying to ensure the community had somewhere else to go.. what did you do again? Oh right, you made a post.

I really look forward to your proposal and your ideas on how to improve things.

Until then, go back to your hole, you look like a fool.


It's a matter of time keeping. Because people are working longer hours, no one is time keeping properly. If I were to estimate Justine's hours based on when I see her working I'd put her at about 60+ solid hours a week. She hasn't taken a day off to my recollection. What she did with the exchanges normally a professional would charge a fortune to do. Remember that Steemit Inc failed to deliver for 4 years straight on exchange listings, and that's supposedly with a team. If you want to question, question those who make the big bucks but never seem to contribute anything.

Something I've not seen mentioned, just bizarre statements around Justine not being suitable for the role (yet delivering, huh?), is that we now have someone with that experience, which I'm sure is a) in demand elsewhere, and b) will come in handy in the future.

If she wasn't suitable on paper before, she is now, and these are the people we need to keep around.


Was really glad to read that today, it's what I've been telling people privately - Something about not looking a gift horse in the mouth?

It's not like someone can go to school to learn how to list with exchanges. This is trailblazing work. "Professional lister with 20 years of experience and PHd in listology" = magic tooth fairy unicorn sitting on a shitpile

Yup, lol.

Let's see if there's more to come :)

Were you born contrary or did it take practice?