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RE: Hive: A Flywheel Approach

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Doesn't it come back to getting more people on Hive by continuing to improve the onboarding process and making it easier then for them to see what apps are available and use them and so on? Not so much for me but many people do a ton of things on their phones, so having more apps developed that are mobile friendly might push the train up the hill a little faster too.


Mobile is an area that is lacking so yes it needs attention.

Hiveonboarding is rather simple these days as is Leofinance. So it is getting easier. We still need the ability to sign up with Facebook and Google accounts since that is what people have.

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@taskmaster4450le, I think it would be way easier to get people over here to Hive if they could just use their Facebook and Google accounts to sign up and login. And then they could have the choice to secure their account by creating keys. Have a great day! 😀

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