HPUD: Closing In On Triple Orca | 100% Beneficiary to @veteranforcrypto

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Well, I had hope more fireworks would happen, but it turns out my HPUD withdrawal is stuck on @bittrex for the time being. In any case, here's my proof of attempted PUD:

Screen Shot 20200801 at 6.04.09 PM.png

It's been a great ride.

I remember at one point I was shooting for dolphin. I never would have thought I'd be shooting for dolphin 30 times over via a third orca account, but here I am powering up almost a dolphin's worth of hive. Such is life, my belief in the potential of this experiment increased so much since the heart and soul of Steem transitioned over. I look at Steem now, and it's such an empty husk. It's a sick and dying cow that continues to be milked.

Crypto's Best Kept Secret

Hive is one of the best kept secrets in crypto, in part because it has such a low financial barrier to entry, even though for the average user, the technical barrier to entry is relatively high. If I fully use my ten 100% votes every day, I can generate about $9000 in value per year for others. Unless we are talking beneficiary posts, gone are the days of my self-voting. I'm convinced that the more value I can distribute, I'll get 10X that value back eventually.

My Participation

If it was my choice I would post every day, but alas, I just haven't had the bandwidth to do so lately. I'm confident that will change in future, so for now I'll have to settle for curation and accumulation.

Upcoming Dolphin

@veteranforcrypto is closing in on dolphin status. Hopefully this post will help with that final push! Congrats on that upcoming achievement. Please give him a follow and support, he's an active Hivean, who also happens to run a witness node.

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I see some asshat tried to downvote this.

So, I added my two cents and some heals.

Some asshat indeed. Much appreciated!

There is always a few of them around 😂🤣

Wow Thank you so much I greatly appreciate it @joshman I did hit my dolphin status 😁 and the witness is chugging along perfect! Keep on Hive'n everyone and be safe.

Congrats! You beat the clock. Happy Hive'n

Somehow lately I have been squeezing in time here and there and able to get posts going again. Now I want o concentrate more on curation efforts.

I still have over 7k Steem milking that cow.


Nice Power-Up, I hate to say it but I 0.01 upped you. 🤣😂🤣😂

I salute your superior powerupness!

DAHAHAHA, I was debating on it but then after my second mug of coffee I must have developed an itchy “clicker” finger.

I love this article! Im new here and to crypto so I don’t even know what level I am. Regardless though I had issues powering up/sending hive with bittrix over the weekend. I ended up swapping for bitcoin and sending it threw block trades... I lost money switching everything around and what not, but at the end of the day it was just fun figuring it out. Just like its been fun figuring hive out!

Yeah, the Bittrex wallet has been down. That 5k hive is still pending withdrawal! It's a steep learning curve, but seems like you are taking to it well. That's kind of how it is, it just sticks to some people more than others. Part of the challenge is making it more sticky to more users.

Check out my Facebook or my Instagram I have about 30,000 followers on just these 2 accounts. If I could just get 1% to come over and stick thats 300 new users to the block chain.

Yes @joshman ...

"If I fully use my ten 100% votes every day, I can generate about $9000 in value per year for others. Unless we are talking beneficiary posts, gone are the days of my self-voting. I'm convinced that the more value I can distribute, I'll get 10X that value back eventually."

... if only this perspective was more widely held. You set a great example.

May your tribe increase!


Manually curated by the Man Cave community!

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Much appreciated!

There’s been a lot of great power ups today! This and others are many of them! Thanks for powering up, hopefully veteran will become a dolphin soon!

Oh he's quite on the verge of doing so!

It was a long road started 2 years ago but I made it finally grinding and paying everything out of pocket for the witness for the love of keeping the chain moving! Thank you for the kind words 😁

🐬 incoming! Another great support for the fellow hivers, love it! :)


The dolphin has breached the surface for the first time a few days ago 😁


Nice one on the dolphin up to triple Orca! That would make no sense any where else 😂

I'm hoping to just make it to single Orca by the end of the year but more dolphins around here would be great and more distribution of tokens around to all accounts as well!

You're almost there! No problem!

Good luck making Orca @nickyhavey, Its gonna be a long time till I advance again. Thank you for supporting my journey with @joshman

Thanks man! You'll get there, it will take a bit of time but worth it!

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I also wish I could do/spend more time here. I so agree with you about this being a really good way to get into crypto...

Congratulations - in anticipation of your achievement!

Thanks for dropping by and your support!

Thank you it was a long road that's been worth every bit of it!

Glad to hear!

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Still helping various Hivers reach dolphinhood, love it my man.


Spreading the wealth!

I'm convinced that the more value I can distribute, I'll get 10X that value back eventually.

There’s a lot to be said for karma. 😎

Indeed sir.

In 'Olden Times' this was named as Orca II, and we would get a special badge (think busy.org), I'm almost there too.

We've been neck and neck for a while now on the accumulation front!

wow :)



You have just been bro-fisted by the guys in the man cave and now have 1 more BRO. Enjoy!**

For more info, please give us a look in here: https://discord.gg/qd8J2x3

Congrats man!

Thank you @solominer it is greatly appreciated.

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